Anubis (Egyptian) : The jackal headed god. Anubis is the gatekeeper to the underworld a protector and a guardian. Anubis can walk with you during challenging magickal situations. He can help to remove fear so you can find the courage to do what needs to be done. Colors: Green and[…]

Deities for protection

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The Quarters and Cross-Quarters can be seen as two sets of overlapping quarters. This has several advantages over the more typical eight-spoked wheel, because it gives a strong sense of the overlap in roles of the various deities, as well as making use of[…]

The Cycle of Ced and Celi

Aphrodite Aphrodite is the Cretan and Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her name means ‘born from the foam’. She can be invoked for the gentle attraction of new love as well as for sexuality and passion (hence the term ‘aphrodisiac’). Aphrodite is especially potent in candle and mirror spells,[…]

Deities Of Love And Passion

As well as wisdom, these gods and goddesses are for knowledge, truth and justice.   Athena Athena, or Athene, daughter of Zeus, is goddess of wise counsel, both in peace and war, of intelligence, reason, negotiation and all forms of the arts and literature. The owl is her sacred bird[…]

Deities of wisdom