Gather around let me tell you about this amazing old folk magical art that has pretty much been utilized by cultures around the world. for those of you that are a little crafty this could be something for you to work with. It does not matter if you are not[…]

Cord magick

Cascarilla is powdered egg shell. The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder. Any Botanica or store that caters to New Age and Magick ritual will have Cascarilla. You will most normally see it packed into what I call a “ketchup cup.” When removed[…]

Cascarilla Powder

Items needed: Gold filings or nuggets, small dish, sunflower petals, and 10 coins. Place the dish in the sunlight. Focus your attention on the dish. Visualize the dish filling with money, cascading over the edge like a waterfall of gold. See in your mind’s eye gold, coins, and money filling[…]

Gold Money Magick

The lamp has four distinct parts. The base of the lamp corresponds to the element of earth and is the foundation upon which you will structure your magickal work. The globe represents the element of air and is a reflection of your intention. The wick that burns becomes the element[…]

Lamp Magick

Knot magick, sometimes referred to as cord magick, relies mainly on the powers of concentration and visualization. The cord and tying of the knots are points of focus that will link the thought-form to the individual or situation and bind it, or hold it in position. This type of magick[…]

Knot magick

The knot is a symbol of linking, bonding, or the connection to protective powers. The Egyptians used the knot to symbolize life and immortality. The Isis knot, which resembles an ankh with its arms at its sides, was widely used as an amulet of binding and release. It represented the[…]


The term hex comes from Early American Folk belief, and implies the use of magick to hurt or harm another person’s body, family, or property. The hex was usually cast by a hex-doctor or sorcerer, who used deep concentration and symbolic imaginary to affect his or her target. Although the[…]


This simple spell is used to make a wish come true, and is especially effective if done on New Year’s Eve. It is also great way to end a romantic evening or group gathering. Items needed: One square of red paper and piece of yellow paper ribbon for each person[…]

Fireplace Magick

  Because fairies are connected to nature, their spells are usually performed outdoors. A small brook, a secret lily pond, the base of your favourite tree, or a field of wildflowers all make excellent settings for fairy magick. Even large, lush window boxes, overflowing with fragrant herbs and delicate blossoms,[…]

Fairy Magick

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Whenever possible make your own candles. While the wax is in a liquid form, add a corresponding oil, herbs, or flower petals. For example, if you are doing a money spell you could add Heliotrope oil and mint leaves. When dressing the candle, close[…]

Suggestions for Candle Magick

Items needed: small balloon filled with helium, parchment paper, 6-8” string. Everyone loves balloons. They are like birds, free to float wherever the wind may take them. The idea behind balloon magick is to free your wishes from human bonds so they will have a chance to manifest.The best time[…]

Air Magick / Ballon Magick?

Please Scroll to the end of the Story for Audio Compliment AIR MAGICK Knot the Wind Items needed: 3’ strand of blue cord Compass. The calling or raising of the wind is a very old magickal process, originally used when the wind was vital for sailing. Witches were reputed to[…]

AIR MAGICK Knot the Wind

Magick is the most vital force in our lives. It gives us personal mastery over our destiny so we are no longer victims of fate. To study magick is to study life, and to understand the concept of controlled coincidence. Things do not happen randomly, but rather in conjunction or[…]

Introduction to Magick

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment If there is one spell that we like to use above all others in Briar Rose, it is this one. It is an old crafting that was used throughout Britain, though it is best documented in the Silver Bough, a wonderful collection of folklore[…]

Casting a Coin in the Well

Unlike raising the Cone of Power, this practice is less about raising energy, and more about creating a vortex. Also known as the Widdershins Walk, this is the way to descend to the Wasteland, where we can work directly with our most ancient Ancestors. Craftings involving treading the Mill are[…]

Treading The Mill

Sacred space means different things to different people. So really, the only way I can get around that is to tell you what it means to me. Sacred space is an enclosure we create, if you like, an artificial bubble in mundane reality, inside which we create an environment that[…]

Sacred Space

Monday Magick is Connected with the Moon, the planet of emotions, intuition, and instincts, Monday can often be used as a psychic pick me up day. This is a perfect day to connect with our deepest sense of self. On this day powers of intuition and inspiration can be enhanced and developed, enabling[…]

Monday Magick

Knots The tying and untying of knots is used to bind and release energy in many folk magic spells and formulas. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tied knots in cords for love spells. The “knot of Isis,” a red jasper amulet wound in the shroud of royal Egyptian mummies, summoned[…]


In contemporary Witchcraft, the cauldron is an important magical tool that symbolically combines influences of the ancient elements of air, fire, water, and earth. Its shape is representative of Mother Nature, and the three legs upon which it stands correspond to the three aspects of the Triple Goddess, the three[…]

Cauldron Magick

The severed hand of a hanged murderer, magically preserved, once was used as a charm in hand of glory black-magic spells and was believed to aid burglars in breaking into homes and buildings. The hand of glory was the right hand of a murderer, ideally severed while the corpse still[…]

Hand of Glory

An old technique of magical healing by wise women and men, wizards and witches involving the measuring of the patient’s girdle or belt. Changes in girth revealed the presence of evil spirits or fairies which had invaded the body to cause the illness. After exorcising the entity, usually through charms,[…]

Girdle Measuring

Ornaments with magical properties, and in contemporary Witchcraft, sometimes worn in various rituals and as badges of rank. Garters may have been used in rituals in Paleolithic times: an ancient cave painting in northeastern Spain portrays nine women, wearing pointed headdresses, dancing in a circle around a naked man, who[…]


Footprints are reputed to contain the essence of a person and may be used in magical charms and spells. Dust or dirt taken from a footprint may be used to obtain power over the person who made the print, just as clippings of hair and nails, bits of clothing, urine[…]


An object, usually a West African wooden doll, that is possessed by spirits and represents those spirits to the fetish owner. Fetishes may also be animals’ teeth, snake bones, beautiful stones or even the huts where witch doctors commune with spirit guides. They are often worn as ornamental amulets or[…]


Arrowhead-shaped flints from the Stone Age found in many parts of the British Isles, Europe and northern Africa, which witches supposedly used as weapons against animals and people. Elf-arrow superstitions predominate in Ireland, Scotland and parts of En­gland, where fairy lore is strong (see fairies). According to lore, many witches[…]

Elf Arrows

Village witch or healer who provided cures, remedies, charms, spells and divination, usually in exchange for a fee or gift. Scott Cunningham (Courtesy Llewellyn Publications) 86 cunning man/cunning woman “Cunning” comes from the Old English term kenning, meaning “wise” or “knowledgeable.” Other terms for cunning man and cunning woman are[…]

Cunning Man/Cunning Woman

Amniotic fetal membrane that sometimes clings to a newborn’s head or body after birth. Being born with a caul, or veil, has significance in folklore related to magical powers. A person born with a caul was believed to have psychic gifts such as the ability to see ghosts and spirits[…]


blood Called the “river of life,” blood is identified with the soul and is the vehicle that carries the vital energy of the universe through the body. In magic, blood is revered and feared for the miraculous power it possesses and confers. Blood that is let is believed to unleash[…]


Abracadabra A magical spell consisting of a single word, which was popular in medieval times to get rid of illness, misfortune or demons. The word is inscribed on an amulet (see amulets) or written out on paper in a magical inverted triangle, in which one letter of the word is[…]


Some types of magic specialize in raising spirits and “daemons” to visible appearance, usually within a circle or triangle. These herbs have long been burned so that the smoke can be used by the spirit as a medium in which to materialize. This magic, though dangerous and difficult to perform,[…]

Magickal Intention – Manifestations

Some plants have been used for centuries to create a sexual desire in those near them. Not surprisingly, they are commonly used to arouse another person’s lust, perhaps against their will. However, they are also used as love herbs are: to attract others who desire sexual contacts, and this is[…]

Magickal Intentions – Lust

Luck is simply the knack for being in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, and acting on instinct. If a person is not naturally “lucky” such an ability can be acquired through the use of herbs. How this “luck” will manifest is left unstated, but[…]

Magickal Intentions – Luck

Although magically forcing your loved one to remain faithful is violating one of the precepts of magic (harm none), there are herbs which can be used to gently remind him or her of you, and to guard against unwanted temptations. Use them with love and care.

Magickal Intentions – Fidelity

Many of the requests for information I receive concern ways of breaking hexes and lifting curses. Ninety-nine percent of these people are not now, and never will be, the target of curses or hexes. Contrary to popular belief, evil magicians don’t lurk behind each tree ready to hex everyone out[…]

Magickal Intentions – Hex Breaking

As with most types of magic, prevention is better than cure, so if you’re prone to bad health it might be wise to carry some of these herbs at all times. Replace them regularly (every three months or so).

Magickal Intentions – Health

There are many herbs which aid the body’s healing processes. Some of these are multi-purpose and others specific. All can be mixed into sachets which, when carried, help the body’s healing powers. Some are used in incense form, others added to the bath. However, when a serious condition or severe[…]

Magickal Intention – Healing

This ancient form of magic comes in handy today—not necessarily to drive demons from people or buildings, but to clear away the negativity that daily living so amply provides. Purification herbs are simply less-powerful exorcism herbs and usually do not rid a place of evil entities.

Magickal Intention – Exorcism

Love; the endless quest for companionship, warmth, sexual contact, emotional fulfillment, and someone to talk to over coffee in the morning. Love magic should be of one type—to attract an unspecified person into your life. Thus, simply stated, love herbs will place you in situations where you will meet people,[…]

Magickal Intentions – Love

From the overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose it is obvious that protection is (and has been) of the utmost concern for many people. Most of the protective herbs mentioned in this book are general in their effects; they guard their bearer against physical and psychic attacks; injury,[…]

Magickal Intentions – Protection

1. Magic is natural. 2. Harm none—not even yourself—through its use. 3. Magic requires effort. You will receive what you put into it. 4. Magic is not usually instantaneous. Spells require time to be effective. 5. Magic should not be performed for pay. 6. Magic should never be used in[…]

Magical Principles