Fashion small sticks of applewood into a human frame and cover with green cotton cloth to form the poppet. Fill with the following coarsely ground herbs: angelica, eucalyptus, ginseng, life everlasting, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen. Attach a photograph of the person to be healed to the poppet. Begin the spell[…]

The Healing Poppet

This poppet will help you land a new job, get a promotion, or achieve that special goal. You will need to make a doll out of a piece of your clothing. Coarsely grind equal amounts of the following herbs: cinnamon, bay, marigold, orange peel, rosemary, witch hazel. Fill the poppet[…]

Personal Success Poppet

A poppet is a doll fashioned from cloth or clay to represent a person or persons at whom a spell is directed. The cloth doll is usually stuffed with Spanish moss, to give it form, and herbs that correspond with the primary intention of the spell. When clay is used,[…]


This is also known as the “voodoo doll,” although it has been in magical use at least 4,000 years and was only lately associated with voodoo. Though they have been made out of roots, potatoes, lead, bark, paper, and other materials, in magical herbalism poppets are usually fashioned of cloth[…]

Herbal Poppets