The most versatile mirror for augury is full length, has three panels, and provides a view of three sides of an image at once. When this triple reflective quality is combined with candlelight, it creates a very mystical effect. A full moon night is advised for scrying. Stand the mirror[…]

Mirror Gazing

The key is symbolic of the power to open and the power to lock. This concept is displayed in the symbol of the dove and the key, signifying the spirit that opens the gates of heaven. In Roman mythology, Janus, the god of doors and new beginnings, was generally represented[…]


Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The eye is considered to be the primary organ of sense perception. It is closely associated with light, the spirit, and the sun. The eye symbolizes spiritual and mental perception and is considered to be the mirror of the soul, the organ of spiritual[…]


Mirrors One of the most ancient forms of divination is crystallomancy or catoptromancy, performed with a magic mirror. The Magi of Persia are said to have used mirrors, as well as the ancient Greeks and Romans. In ancient Greece, the witches of Thessaly wrote their oracles in human blood upon[…]


Divination is an art that has been practiced in one form or another since the ancient times and in all levels of culture. There are a number of ways in which a cauldron can be used for divining. One method is to fill the cauldron with water or wine and[…]

Cauldron Divination

Foretelling the future, finding objects and people, and determining guilt by means of information obtained from signs, omens, dreams, visions and divinatory tools. Divination traditionally is an important skill of the folk witch. In some societies, divination has been performed only by special classes of trained priests or priestesses. Divination[…]


 The raising and directing of a spiral of psychic energy in ritual and spellcraft. Gerald B. Gardner described the cone of power as one of the “old ways” of witches; most likely, he borrowed the concept from the various magical sources he used in constructing his rituals and book of[…]

Cone of Power

The use of the Bible for divination. The Bible served as an important instrument of magical divination, particularly during medieval and Reformation times in Britain and parts of Europe. It was believed that the Bible, opened at random, would reveal one’s fortunes or answer questions. Bibles laid on a child’s[…]