For this spell you will need the following materials: * A pen and paper * Patchouli oil * A green candle and holder * Several coins * Chamomile flowers * Sea salt Ground and center. On the paper, draw a symbol for money, such as a dollar sign, and the[…]

Triple Circle Money Spell

The intention of this spell is to bind two people together. The first thing you need to do is make two poppets from red cloth. Leave one end of each poppet open for stuffing. Fill each poppet with equal amounts of the following. Ground herbs: clove, orris root, blessed thistle,[…]

Love Binding Spell

Items needed: One red candle at least 8” long, seven pieces of paper measuring 3” x 1”, one pen, one knife. Write the name of the one you desire on each piece of paper. Fold each piece lengthwise twice, so that you have seven pieces of paper 3” long and[…]

Seven Day Love Spell

This spell is considered by most Gypsies to be very potent. Timing is the most important ingredient of this spell. Step One: Cut a blade of grass 7” long at midnight during the full moon. Step Two: Before the clock strikes 1 a.m., you must hold the blade of grass[…]

Ancient Gypsy Love Spell

Items needed: One sheet of white parchment paper, love drawing incense (mix together 2 tbsp. each of sandalwood, lavender buds, orris root powder. To the powdered mixture add six drops rose oil and one drop cherry oil), church charcoal and censer, one red and one green candle, basic altar tools.[…]

A Smoke and Fire Love Spell

Items needed: Small, heart shaped box, love-drawing incense, love-drawing oil, pink candle, parchment paper, pen, rose quartz, some of your own hair, orris root powder, charcoal, and matches. Perform this spell on the first Friday after the moon turns new. To prepare, center and ground yourself. Light the charcoal. Inscribe[…]

The Love Box

Since the beginning of time, men and women have sought each other out, spending endless hours searching for ways to win each other’s favour, only to discover their love is not being reciprocated. As most of us know, this can be a painful and disappointing experience, one that usually leads us[…]

Love Spells

Items needed: Oil lamp with a gold coloured or brass base, yellow lamp oil, lemon oil, yellow ribbon, yellow glass paint. On the bottom of the lamp, write your friend’s name and your name and draw the following sigil: Fill the lamp with yellow lamp oil, add three drops of[…]

A Spell to Rekindle a Friendship

If you feel that a specific person is out to do you or others harm, this simple spell should stop them in their tracks. Items needed: Photograph of the person to be bound, one black candle, one 9” piece of black cord, and a box filled with dirt. On the[…]

Protection Binding Spell

This spell is best used when two people are already in love. I don’t recommend this spell to bind people against their will, especially in the case of a separation or divorce. Items needed: One 9” length of red cord, photographs of you and the one you desire, two red[…]

Knots of Love Binding Spell

Use this spell whenever you need for self-confidence, self-esteem, or the courage to handle a difficult situation. Items needed: One opal pendant and one red candle. Relax and let go of your fears and tensions. Take several deep breaths and then light the candle. Pick up the opal pendant, hold[…]

A Spell for Confidence and Courage

If you feel the one you love is not responding as he or she should, use this spell to get things going. You will need a flat container of finely grained sand (please do not use cat litter). Several hours before you plan to perform this spell, freeze a fresh[…]

Sand and Ice Love Spell

Use this spell to stop or impede an adversary or irritating person who will not take no for an answer. Items needed: One small opaque container, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and a picture of or handwriting from the person you want to stop. Place the picture or handwriting at[…]

A Spell to Freeze Your Enemy

This spell will give your new romance a kick-start. As the plant grows, so will the love and affection between you and the one you desire. Items needed: One small basil plant, earth, one rose quartz crystal, and a red flower pot. Write your name and the name of the[…]

Herb Love Spell

Braid That Binds This spell is intended to bind you to the one you love. You will need three long strands of hair (about 12 inches)from your head and from your loved one’s head, a strip of red ribbon, and a small cherry wood box. Braid the strands of hair[…]

Hair Magick

This spell will help you find the happiness that comes from wisdom and truth. On the first Sunday after the new moon, inscribe a small circle in the earth. In the center of the circle draw the following symbol: Place a small gold candle on top of the symbol and[…]

Spell for Wisdom and Truth

The Gypsies placed great value in the power of cards. This simple spell was used to protect the family from those wishing them harm. On the face side of the ace of spades, the person’s name is written in red ink. On top of this, place a black candle and[…]

Gypsy Protection Spell

This spell is done to create friendship or make a friendship stronger. You will need a red candle to represent yourself and a pink candle to represent your friend. On the night of the full moon, write your name on the red candle and your friend’s name on the pink[…]

Friendship Spell

This simple spell is used to make a wish come true, and is especially effective if done on New Year’s Eve. It is also great way to end a romantic evening or group gathering. Items needed: One square of red paper and piece of yellow paper ribbon for each person[…]

Fireplace Magick

For this spell, you will need a small white birthday candle, a silver coin, seven moon cookies (sugar cookies cut into crescent moons), and a secluded wooded area where you can be alone. As you walk through the woods, keep a close eye out for Fairy circles, small circular areas[…]

Fairy Wishing Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Use this spell to win the affections of the one you desire if he or she has not returned your feelings of love. In an earthenware pot, plant a fresh cutting of ivy (which represents constant and ever growing love). Braid two lengths of[…]

Ivy Love Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment This spell is designed to create prosperity. It works best if you have a job and are looking for a pay raise or bonus. Items needed: One large green pillar candle, dragon’s blood incense, incense burner and charcoal, dragon prosperity oil, a green silk[…]

Dragon Prosperity Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment A good spell to ward off the evil intentions of another, block a psychic attack, or turn your luck around. Items needed: One black cat candle, black cat oil (composed of patchouli and frankincense), and a mirror. On the night of the waxing moon,[…]

Black Cat Protection Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment This spell is ideal to get someone to pay attention to you, draw someone you already know closer to you, or make your lover a better lover. Items needed: A picture of the desired one and some of his or her hair and handwriting[…]

Love-Drawing Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Use this spell to bind the love of another to you, or to reinforce the qualities of love within an already existing relationship. Items needed: One red candle, one astrologically coloured candle to represent yourself (see chart), and one astrologically coloured candle to represent the[…]

Candle Love-Binding Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment There are plenty of spells from various witchcraft traditions that use coins, especially silver coins. Even in Hoodoo and Conjure – which are uniquely American traditions borne of the union of European and African folk magic, with a healthy dose of Native American lore[…]

A Crooked Sixpence

A spell intended to bring misfortune, illness, harm or death to a victim. The most dreaded form of magic, curses are universal. They are “laid” or “thrown” primarily for revenge and power but also for protection, usually of homes, treasures, tombs and grave sites. A curse can take effect quickly[…]


Love spell that would make your love ones you desire fall in love with you or u want to repair your lost relationship or attract a lover,this is the kind of spell u need,this is a powerful love spell that u can cast on your lover or crush using Osun(Goddess[…]

Love spell