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    Pagan Green Pagan Green started as a FB group in 2014 as "A New Pagan Green". Set up as a project to help new Pagans & Witches as well as giving a safe haven to more experienced Pagans & Witches, it has worked on and off for 5 years. This site is here to move things forward so that finally "Pagan Green" has its own platform. The intentions remain the same as well as completely honorable.
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    misty This is much better x
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    Criddy Hi Freddie can I have your home number tried messinger can't get you, hope all is OK.
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    Morag Hi everyone! Bright blessings to you and yours!! I’m so grateful for being invited here. I hope to teach those who come after us while honoring those who came before us. Blessed be!!
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    wotter nympth Hi! Just trying this new thing out. Today's forecast? 100% of Amazing New Adventures!!
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