Animal Kinship

It has long been believed that humans have a kinship
with animals, and that this kinship allows us to draw on their
special qualities. When choosing an animal as a totem (a
hereditary badge or emblem for a tribe or clan that serves as
a personal sacred talisman), you call upon the power of the
animal and are drawn into harmony with its strength and
power. Totems appear in dreams and bring healing, abundance,
strength and power, and protection. Native American
Indians believe that when you align your consciousness
with that of an animal, that animal will speak to you in a
special way, the way of power. This way of power is considered
to be very potent. The totem animal then becomes your
spiritual ally and safely guides you through life’s trials and
tribulations. For example, if you feel the need for more independence,
you might want to work with the cat. If you are
faced with a problem which calls for swift action, then the
horse would be a good choice.
The best way to make contact with your power animal is
during meditation. Choose a place where you can be alone
for at least 15 minutes. Dim the lights and turn off all outside
distractions, including the television, radio, and stereo.
Seat yourself in a comfortable chair and relax your body.
Begin at the top of the head and work downward.
Tilt your head forwards, backwards, and then from side
to side, breathing deeply three times each. Relax.
Continue down through the neck, chest, back, arms and
abdomen, breathing deeply three times for each body section.
Then continue on down through the thighs, knees,
ankles, feet, and toes. Check all muscles you can feel and be
sure that they are relaxed. If your breathing is even and calm,
relaxation will come quickly and easily.
As you direct your breathing, exclude all thoughts and
sensations and fix your consciousness totally on the breathing
process. Let your mind slip into a semiconscious state
and ask for your power animal to appear. When the animal
comes into focus, relax and allow yourself to connect with
the animal on a mental level. Invite the animal to work with
you and give you a measure of its power. When you feel you
have absorbed the qualities or power needed, thank your
power animal, and return to a full conscious state of mind.</

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