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Pagan Yule Cards

Lorre Wells Might as well be Catholic….. Manage Like  · Reply · 2d Julie Hunter Don’t some try to do that anyhow? 2 Manage Like  · Reply · 2d Crystal Waters Go my own way Manage Like  · Reply · 2d Rain Clarke No.. nothing wrong with being guided by those that have been doing it longer and have maybe more life experiences[…]

A Pagan Dictatorship

Paganism is a way of living, praying and connecting to the flow of the universe. Pagan spirituality addresses the existence and nature of the Deity, the relationships of ourselves and the universe with the Divine, the nature and scope of human existence, what happens to us after death, the nature of the[…]

Paganism and Spirituality

Paganism can be seen as a way of life that deliberately incorporates perspectives from science, metaphysics and mysticism into its spirituality. Pagans tend to see all parts of the universe – from the smallest atom to the largest planetary system – as sacred and having some form of conscientiousness or spark of[…]

Paganism A Different Worldview

Most Pagan traditions stress personal responsibility and put the burden of developing spiritual practices, beliefs and ethics on the individual.  Even those traditions that offer established beliefs and methods encourage their members to test ideas so that members will build the mental muscles necessary to judge the soundness of beliefs[…]

Paganism and Personal Responsibility

Paganism is a way of life that as a whole has no central hierarchy or dogma, though individual traditions may adopt an internal governing structure and specific beliefs. Some Pagan Paths have a specific ethnic focus such as the Asatru, African, and Celtic traditionalists. Others pull together many Pagan and[…]

Spiritual Diversity in Paganism

As in different lifestyles, Paganism looks to answer the certain questions, such as, what is the significance of life, what occurs after death, is there a divine being, what is our essential nature and how would we associate with the more prominent universe. Pagans can look for these answers with[…]

Pagans Seeking Answer

Having said that, we cannot dismiss shamanism as having no relevance to modern society. Obviously it does, but this very much depends how you approach it. In an age where most information is transmitted via print or electronics, the value of adopting shamanic techniques lies in recovering knowledge from within,[…]

The Value of Shamanism

The shaman, as the sole mediator between humanity and the universe of spirits and omens, originated in the very early stages of human cultural development. The hunter-gatherer stage of society endured for hundreds of thousands of years. As societies began to move towards settled agriculture (this being only about 10,000[…]

Shamanic Traditions

The roots of shamanism are lost in antiquity. However we do know, that given the similarities between shamanistic practices in the new world and Europe, that the fundamental elements of shamanism had been established as the first Paleo-Americans began to move across the Bering land bridge which connected Siberia to[…]

The Origins of Shamanism

The term “shaman” is derived from the Siberian Tungusic root “saman”. The word Shaman usually refers to a male practitioner, whilst the word shamanka refers to a female. As a loose generalisation, it is possible to draw a composite picture of the worldview of the shaman. The universe is multi-layered,[…]

The Shamanic World-View

Tiger Iron (mugglestone) A combination of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper, exhibits the metaphysical properties of its components as well as its own. The grounding power and circulatory affinity of hematite, the healing power and blood-cleansing abilities of red jasper, the energizing power and clarity inducing strength[…]

Tiger Iron

Blue Calcite radiates a tranquil vibration. It calms nerves, anxieties, and worries. It’s an excellent stone to use when recovering from something, be it emotional, spiritual, or physical. Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. Meditating with Blue Calcite can promote an optimistic[…]

Blue Calcite

Shamanism shows a remarkable survival, and there are many examples of shamans co-existing with other religious or magical systems in a given culture. Most of the world’s healers are shamans, for example. As societies evolve into more complex forms than that of the hunter-gatherer, the roles that the shaman fulfils[…]

The Shamanic Survival 1.2

The Shaman is one of the most ancient and one of the most enduring figures in human evolution. Shamanism is the source of both Magic and Religion, and as Mircea Eliade put it, is “an archaic technique of ecstasy”. Its structural elements can be traced well back into the Upper[…]

The Shamanic Survival 1.1

You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere, because you are a bridge. Shamans tend to live on the outskirts of the village for a reason. They are not like the others – and this is a blessing! In village life, this is understood and recognized. But in the[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 10

You may discover unusual spiritual superpowers, or what the yogis call “siddhis.” You might be psychic. You might get healing visions like the one in my previous post about the meeting of Western medicine and Shamanism. You might realize that you can heal people with your hands or that you[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 9

You tend to have vivid dreams. The unseen realm may be communicating with you through your dreams, so try analyzing your dreams. Pay particular attention to any animal totems that may appear in your dreams. Google search the animal and “spirit totem” and see if you can find any messages[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 8

Physical ailments that fall under the category of “shaman sickness.” In the indigenous cultures, shamans who have been called to service but haven’t yet said “yes” to the call often wind up struck with physical ailments. In modern culture, these shamanic sicknesses may fall into difficult to treat categories like[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 7

You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of people, animals, and nature. Many health care providers are called to medicine the way priests are called to the priesthood. But you don’t have to be a health care provider to have the shamanic archetype. It may transmute[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 6

You’re very sensitive. You may feels things others don’t feel, see things others don’t see, hear things others don’t hear, smell things others don’t smell, and sense things others don’t sense. This may make it hard for you to be out in public, where you may feel accosted by over-stimulation[…]

Are you Shamanic , Part 5

You feel most at home in nature. The shamans of a culture are the bridges between nature and humans, serving as translators between the mountains, oceans, rivers, animals, and people. You may sense that nature is talking to you or that you get your most tuned in downloads when you[…]

Are you a Shamanic , Part 4

You are an introvert. Shamans are multi-dimensional beings who dance between the realms of the seen and unseen worlds, so if you’re of the shamanic archetype, you may have a hard time navigating the 3D realms of this dimension, which may cause you to withdraw into yourself so you can[…]

Are you a Shamanic , Part 3

You’ve been through a difficult initiation, which has prepared you for this leadership role. In indigenous cultures, the village knew who the shaman was because he or she was struck by lightning and survived. In modern culture, you may not literally be struck by lightning, but you may have survived[…]

Are you a Shamanic , Part 2

Do you sense that you’re meant to participate in the global shift in consciousness that is currently underway. We can all feel it, this impending shift that New Agers have talked about for decades. But those with the shamanic archetype don’t just feel it, they feel it pulling them, like[…]

Are you a Shaman Part 1

A lot of traditional witches do not cast a circle at all as this is not traditional witchcraft but some do cast a compass which is not a circle. It is very different. Rituals in Traditional Craft are very different from those that are Wicca and ceremonial based in that[…]

The Compass Round in Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional witchcraft is an umbrella term that includes many traditions. Essentially traditional witches are practitioners of forms of witchcraft that pre-date Wicca and new age practices. Some of these traditions may be passed down as family traditions, whilst others are cultural, where witches follow the traditions of their own or[…]

Traditional Witchcraft

There are 2 types of souls. Those that use their minds to live life with, and souls that use their hearts. The soul uses both but typically one makes the most decisions, certainly not all in most cases. There are souls that are led through emotions, feelings, hormones, the spur[…]

Deity – Soul

Life is the force that moves the dead Earth and all things that exist. Death is the force that stops all things that move the living Earth and all things that do not yet exist. All things live and all things die and nothing can live without dying and nothing[…]

Deity – Life and Death

The Laws of the Universe are created in such a way that nothing escapes punishment and no good deed goes unrewarded. The Deity lives in everything that exists and is therefore omnipresent. It is believed that the laws of the universe are to keep a perfect balance. If the balance[…]

Deity – The Laws

Conduct With your own will, you may do as you wish. It’s a universal law. There may be a case for the argument that there is no such thing as someone who does not have the choice to do exactly what they want to do Although naturally there is such a[…]

Deitys- Conduct

The deity is one with everything, nothing exists without their spirit in it. The deity exists within you just as they exist within every human and animal, plant, insect, and object that can be touched or held or observed. When you suffer it just so happens that so does the[…]


In modern magick, old Moon names are a good way of connecting with the powers of nature that, unlike seasonal energies operate on a monthly basis, but magically are strongest on the actual eve and night of the full moon and the days before and after the full moon. So[…]

Modern Moon Magick

The earliest calendars were based on the lunar cycle and Moon time is still used in the modern world in both pagan and religious rituals: the Chinese New Year is a lunar festival and the Chinese ritual year follows the Moon and the Native Americans calculate their months by the[…]

Moon Time

The Moon was regarded as the mother of all long before written records existed, for she was seen to give birth to a new moon every 29 days. Because the old moon apparently died, it was believed that she took the souls of the dead back into her womb and[…]

The Moon Mother

Moon magick is one of the oldest forms of ritual, rooted from the earliest times in the observations of humankind, of the changing phases of the Moon. These associations have passed into modern magick and it is by reconnecting with the natural energies that we can use the ebbs and[…]

Moon Magick

Monday Magick is Connected with the Moon, the planet of emotions, intuition, and instincts, Monday can often be used as a psychic pick me up day. This is a perfect day to connect with our deepest sense of self. On this day powers of intuition and inspiration can be enhanced and developed, enabling[…]

Monday Magick

One of the easiest ways for people to interact with entities is to evoke the entity into a physical item. Usually the physical containers of entities resemble the entities themselves. It is thought that as long as the physical container resembles the entity as much as possible, the entity “will[…]

Housing your Entity

ABDOMEN -gamet, agate, smoky quartz ABSENT – MINDEDNESS – carnelian ACHES – agate , charoite ACNE – amethyst ADDICTIONS – amethyst, fluorite, labradorite, lepidolite, quartz, ruby, tourmaline ADD – ADHD – lepidolite, rutilated quartz ALLERGIES – carnelian, lepidolite ALTITUDE SICKNESS – jet ALZHEIMER`S – chalcedony, rose quartz AIR PURIFIER –[…]

Crystals to help with Physical Issues

ABUNDANCE – aventurine, citrine, malachite, ruby AFFIRMATION – quartz crystal AKASHIC RECORD – lepidolite, moldavite ALTRUISM – amber AMPLIFIER – rhodochrosite, quartz crystal ANGELS – angel aura, aquamarine, quartz crystal APPRECIATION – amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli ARTISTIC EXPRESSION – howlite ASCENSION – labradorite, moldavite AURA CLEANSE – howlite, jade, rhodochrosite,[…]

Crystals to help with Spiritual Issues

ABUSE – carnelian, lapis lazuli, obsidian, peridot, tourmaline ACCEPTANCE – amethyst, carnelian, quartz crystal, rose quartz AGGRESSION – amethyst, bloodstone, rose quartz ANGER – amethyst, agate, bloodstone, carnelian, gamet, howlite, moonstone, peridot, rose quartz, smoky quartz ANXIETY – amethyst, aventurine, howlite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, tourmaline BALANCE (EMOTIONS) – chalcedony, fluorite,[…]

Crystal’s for Emotional Issues

There are man y different ways to come up with an appearance for your entity. A rather simple way is to take its general realm of influence and look for symbolism that ‘would afford a good appearance. You could also think about the entity’s task and then design an appearance[…]

Your Entity’s Appearance

Naming an entity can be one of the most difficult things to do for some magi. Some, unnecessarily, agonize over wha t type of name would give justice to their creation. Others are afraid that they are not creative enough to come up with an original name. Still others fear[…]

Naming and Entity

What is it that I want the entity to do? How will the entity accomplish this task? What variables do I need to factor in so that the entity is successful? What is my timetable? How do I insure that the entity is doing its task? How do I wish[…]

Goals and Results when using Entity’s

Sometimes when we use things, we begin to incorporate them into our lives. Soon we find it hard to think of a time when we didn’t use such an item. We find ourselves dependent on that item. The same can be true when we start to work with the entities[…]

Dependence on Entity Use

When working with entities, it is important to be aware of the consequences of this type of magickal working, just like other forms of magickal workings, using entities comes with both responsibilities and cautions. This section is not here to tell you what you should or should not do. It[…]

Precautions when working with entities,

The first step to working with entities is learning to attune your energy to work with an entity. What that means is that you should have some degree of control over your own energy. If you do not, working with an entity, let alone creating one, may be difficult. What[…]


The creation of magickal entities can be a very rewarding form of magickal working. One thing that people tend to state, over and over again, is the level of control over the magickal process that creating entities provides. This often leads to more favorable results in their workings and more[…]

Entity Uses

Please scroll down for accompanying audio The entities that can be created, are thought-forms that have been selected to bring forth desired results. A thought-form is a symbol that represents a concept or thought for the person. A thought-form can be visualized by anyone and can represent anything. It is entirely[…]

Definition Of Entity

Earth  Generally called from the North  Considered cool and dry and is associated with the melancholic temperament  Represents the solid state of matter  Corresponds to the physical part of ourselves, our physical body, and rules the elder state of life.  Rules the intestines  Rules[…]

Elemental Correspondence

 It may be  important to remember that tools, herbs, candles, crystals and so on are not actually necessary to work magic. Your own energy and the power of your mind, as well as the blessings of the deities and spirits, are the important things. However, these extra ingredients do[…]

Altars & Sacred Tools

Allspice Strengthens will & determination in gaining your objectives Almond Anoint to the forehead to increase alertness & wisdom Amber Protects from ill will & bad luck Balsam Fir Breaks up negative conditions Basil Worn to avoid major confrontations between people Bay When worn it protects against all negative energy[…]

Essential oils…meanings and uses

ACACIA -Blessing, raising of vibration, protection via spiritual elevation. AGRIMONY (Cocklebur) -Helps to overcome fear, dispel negative emotions, overcome inner blockages. ALLSPICE -Adds strength to Will, gives determination and perseverance. Gives added vitality, energy. Also good for social gatherings -increases harmony, sympathy and co-operation between people. Stimulates friendly interaction and[…]

Magical uses of plants/scents

Ingredients: 6 small boneless chicken breast halves 6 stalks asparagus 3 ounces Colby Jack cheese 1 cup plain bread crumbs 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese 1/2 cup pignoli nuts — finely chopped 3 eggs salt and pepper — to taste 6 ounces pesto sauce 1 Cup heavy cream Directions: Pound[…]

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

 A stone of prosperity It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Encourages perseverance. Aventurine relieves stammers and severe neuroses. It stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity. Aids in seeing alternatives and possibilities. Calms anger and irritation. Promotes feelings of well-being. Aventurine balances[…]


 Good fortune – Stability – Security – Strength – Longevity – Grounding – Calmness – Wisdom Zodiac – Leo Typical colours – Browns Petrified Wood is also known as “Agatised Wood”. It is the name given to fossil wood where the replacement of the wood is by Chalcedony. Petrified[…]

Petrified Wood

Prep Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 15 minutesIngredients: •3 C. fresh mint leaves, off stems •1/2 C. fresh cilantro •1/2 C. fresh parsley •1/2 C. green pepper, chopped •1/2 C. red pepper, chopped •1 small onion, chopped •1/2 Tsp. sea salt •A dash of lemon juice •Water Preparation: Throw everything[…]

Mint Chutney

Prep Time 15 mins Total Time 15 mins Delicious, allergy-friendly cheesecake made WITHOUT soy, nuts, and dairy! Course: Dessert Cuisine: Cheesecake Servings: 6 slices Calories: 131 kcal Author: Lauren Goslin Ingredients CRUST: 1/4 c . pumpkin seeds 1/4 c . oats dash sea salt 2 soft dates 1 t .[…]

Allergy-Friendly Cheesecake (Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free)

5 MOST EFFECTIVE CRYSTALS TO AMPLIFY THE FULL MOON ENERGY MOONSTONE: THE MAIN MOON CRYSTAL This crystal’s power is already determined in it’s loud and clear effect- working with the energy and the auras all around you, making your own energy go through certain phases until forming a glorious celestial[…]


Great support for stress or anyone who may need a little extra adrenal support. This tonic beverage can be drunk hot or cold and has a very balancing effect on the body and gives steady energy while consuming it. Ingredients 2 Tbsp Schisandra Berries 2 Tbsp Elderberries (optional) 6 small[…]

Schisandra Five-Flavor Tonic