Types of Magick

The overall idea of types of magic, like Black magic, or White magic, largely stem
from applying Ceremonial uses of magic practice to Witchcraft. To this author, it’s not
really applicable, as the dark side of nature and the light side naturally find balance in
the world.
The idea that black magic is evil and white as good, with grey being somewhere in
between, stems from assumptive mainstream ideas about magic. Using dark power to
harm another is against the Green Witchcraft code, as we seek to harm none and find
The Yin and Yang of Oriental systems is much more applicable to the Green
Witch: dark and light in equal measure, finding balance in the same space together. We
have the Lord of the Shadows (another aspect of the God), giving rest and caring for the
departed, as well as the Dark Mother (another aspect of the Lady), leading us from this
world and into the next.
Context and perspective need to be in place when trying to describe these things,
which helps us to see the dark side of magic is not evil at all.

Categories:   Paganism and Witchcraft