Treading the Mill by Nigel G. Pearson Limited #85 of 250 Traditional Witchcraft
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Treading the Mill is a practical grimoire based on the methods used in modern Traditional Witchcraft. Drawing on traditions pre-dating the Gardnerian revival and other forms of current, neo-pagan practice, the author describes lore that has been passed on outside of the more generally known practices, deriving from an older stratum of belief and knowledge. This type of Craft has a completely different “feel” to it, being wilder, more primal and raw and less structured than other paths; it draws its inspiration, energy and ethos directly from the natural forces and energies of the Land, and works directly with the manifestation of these. The rites, techniques, recipes and methods given in this book are not drawn from only one path of Traditional Witchcraft – as these are many and varied – but are derived from various teachings given to the author by practitioners from different traditions and paths. They are part of an on-going, magical stream, outside of, but running alongside of modern versions of the Craft; some of these have their roots in the distant past but are here given a more modern expression. The author begins by covering techniques for setting up and creating your own working area, the tools used in Traditional Witchcraft for this and related purposes and lore concerning the Cauldron-Cup and sacred beverages. He then goes on to cover practical aspects of traditional spell working, herbal magic and practice, creating potions, charms and chants. The second half of the book is concerned with the more esoteric aspects of Traditional Craft and discusses methods of visualisation and trance, spirit projection, working with elemental and natural spirits, the energies of hearth and home, familiars and contacting and working with your fetch spirit. In the final chapter, the Gods of Traditional Witchcraft are discussed and techniques are offered for direct contact and communion with these powerful forces. This is a practical and approachable book, gathering together much diverse material, some of which has never been seen in print before. It sets out an alternative to modern Wiccan practice and gives a glimpse into a more arcane and archetypal working system.




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