The Astral Plane

The astral plane is the working ground of the magickian,
where the truth about all things is revealed. It is the place of
angels, demons, and fairies, host to the elemental forces of
nature. To the Witch and magickian alike, the astral plane
holds the secret of power, the key to the creation of miraculous
effects on the physical plane.
The astral plane has often been defined as the realm of
visual imagination, a celestial realm where all things are possible.
As a result of its ethereal atmosphere, the astral plane
remains a great mystery to most. For the fearless explorer,
however, the astral plane is nothing more than an uncharted
realm waiting to be discovered.
The astral plane is just as real to the astral body as the
material plane is to the physical body. To the traveler on the
astral plane, the scenery and everything connected with it seems
as solid as the most solid material appears to the physical eye.
One may travel from one region of the astral to another simply
by an act of will without ever moving the physical body.
When consciousness operates outside of the body it takes
the mind with it. However, rarely is the mind fully conscious.
This is why, although over 90 percent of us project, seldomĀ do we remember our experiences. Usually they are forgotten
or passed off as vivid dreams.

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