Seeking the Guardians of Lore

Closely related to the wheel of the Year is the Compass Round. This is another construct on which we can hang
Myth and Lore, and the one can be overlaid over the other. But the Compass isn’t just a construct, it is also a
concept, because when we refer to the Compass of the Circle, we are also referring to our personal ethical
compass, and this is a key part of our practice and beliefs. Where a Wiccan might cast a circle in which to work
and celebrate, we generally lay a Compass. It is essentially the same thing in practice, but the intent, symbolism
and technique are all quite different.
As a construct, the Compass contains the layout of our ritual space. At the Quarter we have Guardians, deities
who we work with placed at key points to provide access to the Inner Realms and their Lore. These deities are
not fixed in place, but are rather called in specific locations as an aid to memory, and to invoke certain
relationships — they are free to move where they will within the Sacred space. This construct is purely for our
convenience, and as a teaching and working tool it is very effective for us. Other non-wiccan Traditions use
similar constructs, though the details are likely to be different.
There are several layers to the Compass construct, the first being the Quarter Gates and their Guardians. It is
important to note that while I give as examples the deities we use as Guardians, it is more important to work
with deities or forms that are relevant to you, so you should not blindly follow any examples as if they were
holy writ.

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