Practice of Magick

Candle magic may be the most basic form of magical practice. It can be very
simple, a prayer and lighting a candle before an image or in a special place. Or you can
anoint the candles with herb-infused oils to draw upon the power of the herb devas, and
inscribe the candle, dedicate it to a magical purpose, and light it with ceremony.
Candles can be added in with any other working you are doing.
Many mainstream religions already incorporate candles into their workings.
Catholics often light candles for prayer, and may even see this as the main purpose for
attending mass. Candles and incense are both lit for buddhist practice. But while you
can certainly use candle magic in these settings, you don’t need an incense-laden shrine
or wall of candles to work your candle magics. You can do this from the privacy of your
own home, in your own way.
In fact, intuition matters quite a lot. Intuition will tell you what you need to do in
a given situation. For example, the traditional ritual before magic working is to take a
purifying bath and dressing in ceremonial robes before doing your spellwork. But if
your intuition says it’s not really necessary to do the ceremonial bath first, or you are a
come-as-you-are type who doesn’t change clothing, etc, there’s nothing wrong with that.
You should learn to listen to that intuition/gut feeling/impulses, at all times! It is
something that you just start to do after a while, until the craft becomes part of your
daily life.
And know that while some people may insist on very specific diets and lifestyle
changes to follow their path, know that’s not a requirement. If you wish to do so or feel
called to make such changes, do as you will, of course! But know it’s not required to
make these changes to be a witch. Just be yourself. Find your path, and follow it. Enjoy
your life without feeling guilty, but also be responsible and exercise healthy moderation
in your enjoyment.
Green level practice is not the same as Shamanism, though they do have
commonalities. Ann understands Shamanism to require near-death fasting and
exposure to become closer to the spirits, and its original purpose was to help the sick by
entering the spirit world to fight spirits of the dead, over these sick and dying people.
This practice exists within some Buddhist practices, but is not quite the same as
witchcraft. Yes, Witchcraft and Shamanism share certain elements, as with connection
to a spirit guide or power animal. But the difference lies in that Green Witchcraft
focuses on the union with nature, above all else.

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