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You just can’t help associating glowing cauldrons and
magickal potions with Witchcraft. Cartoons, movies, and fairy
tales are filled with enchanting sorceresses whispering over
steaming philters of fascination. One drink, and you are forever under her spell. Or, in a less favorable light, there is
always a haggard old crone bending over her bubbling brew of noxious goo, intended to bring instant death to the beautiful princess.
From the Holy Bible to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we find
Witches and their magick potions healing the sick and dealing out death to the enemy. According to some ancient
grimoires, with the right magickal potion you can become
invisible, fly on a broomstick, be forever young and beautiful, or turn your neighbor into a toad. (I like that one, and
I’m sorry to say that it isn’t available at this time. In fact,
it may be that the powers of our ancestors have been slightly
The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word
potion as “a dose or drink, especially a liquid drink or poison.” Basically potions are nothing more than herbs steeped
in water for medicinal purposes. However, there are those
occasions when a love potion is called for to rekindle a dying
flame. A word of advice: Always be careful when making a
potion. Follow the recipe exactly, and don’t get creative. There
are some areas of magick that need to be approached with
caution, and this is one of them

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