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Planetary Correspondence, Mars

Symbols Pentagram, lance, scourge
Deities Mars, Volcanus, Durga, Sekhmet
Archangel Samuel
Day Tuesday
Colors Red, burgundy
Number Five
Metal Iron
Stones Bloodstone, flint, onyx, garnet, ruby
Incense Dragonsblood, galangal, tobacco
Plants Bloodroot, ginger, snapdragon, nettle
Trees Rowan, ash, pepper tree
Animals Ram, wolf, scorpion, salamander
Mars is dynamic energy, enthusiasm, and resolution. It
rules personal expression, character, and bodily strength.
Mars represents action and it induces humans to take risks
and to rush into things before thinking. The key image of
Mars is force—pushing and shoving to fit with little regard for right or wrong. Under the rulership of this planet we
find a instinctive need to lead, to survive, and to clear the
path of all obstacles that stand in the way of personal
accomplishment. Mars energy should be used to build
strength of character, reinforce determination, confront enemies, and win battles.

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