Love Drawing Potion

Items needed: One glass sauce pan, dove’s blood ink,
a small paint brush, sweet red wine, a metal tea ball,
one cup honey, and the following herbs: 3 fresh mint
leaves, 7 rosebud petals, 1 pinch orange zest (orange
peel), 1 pinch coriander, and 1 pinch basil.
Put the herbs into the tea ball and set aside. On the outside of the glass pan, write the name of the person you
desire seven times. On the inside of the pan, inscribe the
symbol for Venus.
Fill the pan with two cups of spring water. Bring the water
to a boil, insert the tea ball, turn off the heat, and allow the brew to steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea ball and add
the honey. Bring the liquid back to a boil and then reduce to
a simmer. When the liquid has turned into a thick, yellow
syrup, turn off the heat and allow it to cool. Pour the syrup
into a bottle and label. Add several drops of the syrup to the
wine, juice, or food you plan to serve your loved one.
If you are feeling brave, invite your loved one to join
you in a candlelight supper. Arrange a centerpiece of red,
white, and gold heart shaped candles anointed with
love-drawing oil, and small vases of pink rose buds.
Burn love-drawing incense and wear your most alluring outfit.

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