Kitchen Witch: Barley

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Energies: Money, fertility, sex


Barley was an important grain to the ancient Egyptians, who used it as a medium of exchange and stocked it in tombs, most notably that of
Tutankhamun. Thutmose III offered barley to Ra every day, as well as on the New Moon and on the sixth day of every month.
According to one Egyptian legend, barley grew out of men (as wheat grew out of women). This was apparently linked to the genders of the words in the ancient Egyptian language.

The Sumerians made barley a staple of their diet. Eight different types of barley beer were made. This drink was manufactured under the auspices of the goddess Ninkasi.

In ancient India, barley was sacred to Indra, known as “He who ripens barley.” This grain was used for rituals relating to childbirth and marriage, and played a role in funerals as well.

The Vedas state that barley was also used with fresh water for healing ceremonies.

The Babylonians were brewing beer with barley as early as 2800 B.C.E., and the Greeks planted it around temples to Demeter while asking for human fertility. In China, barley is a symbol of male sexual potency.

Magical uses:

As a wholesome food, barley is currently experiencing new popularity. It is useful for prosperity diets—those designed to bring additional money when needed or to generally boost your financial state. Awaken this energy through visualization while preparing and eating barley dishes. Add barley to diets if fertility or male sexual potency is a problem

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