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Magickally, jewels and gems are associated with spiritual
truths due to their innate talismanic attributes. Like all natural
substances, gemstones contain an energy or life force of
their own. The color, shape, and size of the stone are what
determine its magickal value. For example, because of its red
color and association with fire and the planet Mars, the ruby
projects energy, strength, and power. Therefore, it would make
a wonderful talisman to lift the spirits of someone with low


Amber: Not exactly a gem stone, but still highly prized among
Witches and magicians. Amber is a fossilized resin that was
favored among the ancients for its rich, golden, honey color.
Amber represents the congealed rays of the setting sun and
is worn for strength, protection, beauty, and love.

Amethyst: A vibrant purple quartz, considered to be very spiritual
in nature. Amethyst has been valued for thousands of
years as an instrument of magick. It will help clear confusion,
aid in prophetic dreams, and protect against self-deception.With no negative qualities, amethyst is very calming and
spiritually uplifting.

Aquamarine: Sometimes called “sea water,” it belongs to the
goddess of the ocean. It is a pale blue-green color and is
carried to enhance psychic power. The stone is also used for
healing, purification, and to bring love and happiness.

Carnelian: A warm, red-orange in color, smooth to the touch.
The stone is carried for courage and to curb jealousy and
envy. It is also believed that the carnelian will prevent certain
skin diseases which has made it popular with healer. Carnelian
can also be used for courage and sexual energy.

Crystal Quartz: Considered to be a master stone of power. It
is associated with both fire (because of its ability to focus the
sun’s rays to ignite combustible material), and with water
(because it looks like ice). Witches wear crystals to represent
the Goddess, the moon, and psychic power. Crystals can be
used to decorate magickal tools, create protection barriers,
and to focus and direct personal power.

Diamond: A highly prized gem of great clarity and brilliance.
Diamonds are associated with the sun, the element of fire,
and the ability to resonate energy. They are exceptionally hard,
resilient, and of course, expensive. Shamans have been known
to use diamonds to help them alter their states of consciousness
in order to reach higher states of spiritual awareness.
The diamond can be worn or carried for protection, courage,
wealth, peace, sexual energy, spiritual enlightenment,
health, and strength

Emerald: This brilliant dark green stone is one of the most
expensive on the market. It is associated with the goddess
Venus and the element of earth. The emerald is used in spells
that promote monetary gain, encourage love, and help
increase mental powers.

Garnet: A bright red, fiery gem of incredible depth, worn to
bestow faithfulness and to renew friendship. The garnet is
associated with Mars and the ability to protect. It has been
known to enhance bodily strength and virility. Use the garnet
for protection, healing, strength, friendship, and love.

Jade: Considered a sacred stone in China, where it is placed
on altars to the sun and moon. Jade is also associated with
Venus and worn to attract love and marriage. Jade is green in
color and can be used for love, healing, longevity, wisdom,
and to prolong life.

Jet: Again, this is not a stone but rather fossilized wood,
millions of years old. Black as midnight, jet beads are often
combined with amber beads and used for protection, psychic
power, good luck, and health.

Lapis Lazuli: Prized by the ancient Egyptians for its royal
blue color and flecks of golden pyrite. It is associated with the
goddesses Isis, Venus, and Ishtar. Lapis brings joy, love, friendship,
and courage and helps to protect against infidelity.

Moonstone: An opalescent blue or white feldspar. The moonstone
is associated with the Goddess and lunar power. It is
worn or carried for love, divination, protection, youth, and
healing. Most Witches prize the moonstone above all others
because of its connection to the Goddess.

Opal: A very unique gem that contains all the colors of the
rainbow. The opal can be used for almost any purpose
because of its color range. Ancient myths tell of opals being
wrapped in bay leaves and carried to promote invisibility.
Opals are used to aid with astral projection, to attract good
luck, money, and health, and to convey beauty and power.

Rhodochrosite: A beautiful pink stone that gives off a loving
and warm vibration. Rhodochrosite is worn to enhance
beauty, to build friendships, and to attract love. It can also
be used to reduce stress and fatigue.

Ruby: Long considered the stone of Buddha; varies in color
from pink to dark red. The ruby is associated with Mars and
the element of fire and is highly prized for its clear color.
Rubies are worn or carried for protection, personal power,
joy, attraction, wealth, and spirituality.

Sapphire: Considered by magicians to be a very powerful
and spiritual stone. It is associated with the god Apollo and
is usually worn to stimulate the third eye. The sapphire will
attract love, bring visions during meditation, and enhance
spiritual activity.

Topaz: Associated with the sun, fire, and the Egyptian god
Ra. The yellow topaz is used for protection, healing, or
attracting money and great wealth. The blue topaz heightens
spiritual awareness and brings peace, harmony, and love.

Turquoise: Highly prized by many North American Indian
tribes for its beauty and healing qualities. Its blue-green color
is associated with the goddess Venus, the element of earth
and the Great Spirit. Turquoise is used for healing, courage,
money, protection, and friendship, and is said to bring the
wearer good fortune.

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