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Full Moon Love Spell

Items needed: One red candle and one white candle, 1
tsp. each of ginseng, jasmine, and lovage, three drops
each of rose oil, lavender oil, and violet oil, a small
white plate, a piece of parchment paper, and one 9”
strip of red ribbon.
On the day of the full moon, melt the red candle in a
double boiler. When the wax has melted, mix in the herbs
and oils. Remove the pan from the stove and stir the wax as
it begins to cool. Chant the following over the wax.
Mother of the moon, goddess of love,
Descend to me from far above.
Within this wax passion inspire
That I shall have the one I desire.
When the wax has cooled, but not solidified, dip the white
candle in it so that the herbal wax mixture thoroughly coats
the candle. Allow the candle to dry.
Then, beneath the full moon, inscribe your name on one
side of the candle and the name of the one you desire on the
opposite side of the candle. Hold the candle to your heart as
you repeat the previous chant. Fill the candle with all your
love and desire. When you feel the candle has been thoroughly charged, light it. Visualize you and the one your
desire together. Allow the candle to burn out.

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