Food Magick: The Neglect of the Western World

Though food magic was born in an earlier age, it hasn’t died out. Foods are used in magic in both the East and West, though the rationale for including them may have changed. Birthday cakes are an example. Most birthday cakes contain iced wishes of good luck. Why should we eat words? Originally, the words were thought to contain the energies associated with them. So the birthday celebrant was believed to enjoy both the cake and the energy of the words. Birthday cakes are a contemporary form of food magic, whether or not those who perpetuate this ritual are aware of it.

While food magic has suffered from neglect in most of the Western world (outside of religious connections), there are many places where food is still viewed as a tool of personal transformation. In Japan and China, specific foods are eaten to ensure long life, health, love, even a passing grade on an examination. Such rituals have continued for 2,000 to 3,000 years because they are effective

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