Items needed: One glass sauce pan, dove’s blood ink, a small paint brush, sweet red wine, a metal tea ball, one cup honey, and the following herbs: 3 fresh mint leaves, 7 rosebud petals, 1 pinch orange zest (orange peel), 1 pinch coriander, and 1 pinch basil. Put the herbs[…]

Love Drawing Potion

You just can’t help associating glowing cauldrons and magickal potions with Witchcraft. Cartoons, movies, and fairy tales are filled with enchanting sorceresses whispering over steaming philters of fascination. One drink, and you are forever under her spell. Or, in a less favorable light, there is always a haggard old crone[…]


Infusion The infusion is the origin of the “potion” so identified with Witches. It is simply a process of soaking herbs in hot water. There are some refinements, however. Use no metal pots when boiling water or during the steeping process, for they interfere with the herb’s powers. Keep the[…]

Herbal Infusions