Aquarian Tabernacle Church

Aquarian Tabernacle Church Interfaith church of
Wicca and Earth Religions, formed in 1979 in Index,
Washington, by Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, to support the
Wiccan and Pagan communities. The Aquarian Tabernacle
Church, or “Tab,” as it is known, is recognized as a
church in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland
and South Africa. David is Archpriest and Deborah K.
Hudson is Archpriestess. Membership is open.
Davis, a native of Jersey City, New Jersey, was initiated
into the Dorpat tradition, a small and secretive tradition
of the Craft, on August 14, 1974, in Patterson, New Jersey.
In 1976, he relocated to the Seattle area and established
the Tab based on English Traditional Wicca. In 1983, he
was initiated into the Coven of the Stone and Staff of the
New Wiccan Church.
The Tab grew in size, attracting Wiccans and Pagans
from diverse traditions. In 1984, a Moonstone Circle of
tall standing menhirs was constructed and dedicated for
the Tab. Liturgy was formalized the following year. Tax
status as a church was obtained in 1988.
The role of the church has expanded, and it has been
involved in gaining acceptance for Wicca as a religion in
Washington prisons; coordinating Wiccan and Pagan interests
in the Interfaith Council of Washington State (Davis
has served as president); establishing SpiralScouts for
youth; and establishing the Woolston-Steen Seminary for
the training of clergy.
Janet and Stewart Farrar established the ATC-Eire
church in Ireland in 1999. The church was a leader in the
Pentacle Quest campaign to allow Wiccan and Pagan veterans
to put symbols of their faith on their headstones.
In 2006, Davis and his working partner, E’bet Tennis,
were initiated into the third degree in Alexandrian and
British Traditional Wicca.

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