Magick is the most vital force in our lives. It gives us
personal mastery over our destiny so we are no longer victims
of fate. To study magick is to study life, and to understand
the concept of controlled coincidence. Things do not
happen randomly, but rather in conjunction or answer to a
previously set up condition. The past is what controls the
present, and the present is what creates the future.
In essence, magick, is the rediscovery of your basic ability
to create. What you create or make happen today, is going
to reflect on how you are able to deal with tomorrow. If you
were to get that much needed pay raise today, you could pay
your bills tomorrow, and even plan for something special in
the future.
Learning to do magick is like learning to drive—you learn
by doing. You take a little time each day to practice, and
pretty soon you have it mastered. By learning to drive, you
increase your mobility and thus your realm of opportunities.
You can suddenly go places and do things you weren’t
able to do before. Each time you use magick, your ability to
control your life increases, and the better your chances are
of getting what you want.
Discover how Witchcraft and magick can help you lead a
better, more fulfilling life. Arranged alphabetically, the magickal rites in this book can help you solve those annoying,
everyday problems that cause stress and anxiety. Each
entry is fully defined, and then followed by time tested spells
that really work—spells that will fit into your fast-paced life
style. Best of all, you don’t need to be a trained initiate, or
have special powers, to make use of the material in this book.
All you need is an open mind, and the desire to succeed.
The word ‘Witch’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon wicca “a
magickian who weakens the power of evil, or one who is able
to bend reality using natural forces.”
Generally, Witchcraft employs the powers of nature to
create a charm, philtre, potion or spell to bring about the
desired change. The physical object then becomes the catalyst
or focal point of the magickal operation.
You decide what it is you want, and then you create a
spell or magickal rite to get it. You are in control at all times,
and the outcome depends on your focused will. The only
limitations on magick, are those you place upon it.
Spells are one of the most popular and delightful ways
to approach magick. Since they do not require any specific
amount of room, elaborate equipment, or special training,
anyone can do them. The only thing you really need to make
a spell work is, a strong desire to have something or someone.

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