Planetary Associations: Sun and Jupiter Gender: Masculine Element: Air Deities: Brigit, Flidais, Macha, Aengus, Mac Óg, Dagda, Manannan Mac Lír Folklore: Mistletoe has always been considered a magical, good luck plant. Lovers who kiss beneath it will have lasting happiness and carrying. A sprig on your person will ensure good[…]

Mistletoe Magick

This holiday was celebrated on the evening before Yule started (mostly the evening of December 20). During Mothernight (Old Norse: Modraniht) nightly sacrifices were made to the “mothers”, the word “mother” referred to female ancestors in this context Midwinter/Yule (*Jegwla = The Yelling): Midwinter, also known as Yule (Anglo-Saxon), Jól[…]