: 1. Tune in to how you are feeling in your current state. Feel what brought you to this magick regardless of what it is. Breathe and tune into your current state of being. 2. Feel what your desire is and feel that sensation of lacking your desire. How does[…]

The Ritual Method for Goetic Words of Power

Items needed: Eight pieces of iron or iron nails, one black candle, a dish of salt, and protection incense. Place the candle on the floor near your front door. Encircle the candle with the iron pieces and then with a ring of salt. Place the dish of salt on the[…]

Iron Protection Ritual

Six is the number of Venus in her morning star aspect of love. You can use this incense ritual for attracting love, for deepening a relationship, consummating it or strengthening it during a difficult period, perhaps when everything appears to have got into a rut. You can alter the focus[…]

A Six-Incense Ritual For Love

The pentagram,  is one of the most sacred geometric forms in magick. Some witches wear a gold pentacle, a pentagram in a circle , on a chain as a sign of their craft. Each of the five points of the pentagram represents one of the five elemental powers, so that[…]