Seeking the Guardians of Lore. East


In Northern Quarters the Gates are known by the Airts, or qualities of light. These can be named as Earth, Air,
Fire and Water, but they are not the classical Elements as used by the Golden Dawn and most forms of Wicca.
For that reason, while the above names are perfectly valid, we use names that are more in tune with the essence
of the Airts, and so the East is the Gate of the Sun.
This is the place of dawn, of the first warm stirrings of daylight, and the lighting of the fire in the hearth,
perhaps lit by the embers left from the previous day. Most books will refer to this gate as Fire, but it is the literal
flame of the hearth-fire or forge fire rather than the Element of Transformation.
The deities who guard this gate will be gods of Light (note, not necessarily solar deities). Llew/Lugh is often
mistaken for a Solar deity, but He is in fact a God of Light, not the Sun, and as a Light-Bringer He has obvious
associations with the Morning Star, Venus, and Lucifer. It is interesting to note that in the Bible, Jesus is
referred to as the Bright and Morning Star.
In addition to Gods of Light, Forge Gods may be found guarding this gate. As there will often be a God and a
Goddess acting as guardians, it is not uncommon to find Traditions that make use of an often forgotten aspect of
Bridhe as the Forge Maiden. This is most obvious in the Welsh regional version of Bridhe, Fraidd.
You’ve probably noticed that the God and Goddess given here are not a “couple”, husband and wife. This is
because the emphasis is not on fertility rites, but on the Mysteries of Initiation. We work with Llew in part
because He is our prime example of the cycle of the Sacred King, but also because he brings in many of the
creative aspects of enlightenment. The Forge Goddess, Fraidd, is also quite obviously connected to creativity,
and between them they represent a very practical kind of wisdom and understanding that is key to our Mysteries
and our Path as a whole

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