Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards Meaning
Major Arcana

When reading other people, trust your intuition. The reader should be relaxed
and open to communication. The reading will present cards that represent things at the
present time, at the time of the reading. Any future cards are suggestive of a likely
outcome, given the present situation, and the querent does have the power to take the
reading and make changes to their life, to affect a different future than was previously
predicted. Sometimes, however, things in the querent’s life have already unfolded to the
point that the future prediction is impossible to avoid, like a “future” pregnancy that is
seen before a test shows positive.
When reading your own cards, do so with open mind and positive heart, and ask
help from the Lady and the Lord, your guides, etc, for aid in interpretation. Some
people have issue with reading their own cards, but Ann raises a good point- if you
cannot trust yourself to influence the cards in self readings, how can you be sure you’re
not reading your own needs off the cards you’re reading for others? Learn to read for
yourself and close friends first, and then you may branch out once you feel confident in
your reading ability.
Ann suggests breaking in a new deck thusly: dedicate with a good incense like
Frankincense, and sprinkle an herb (such as rue, betony, cinquefoil, burdock, elder,
lavender, marigold, mugwort, or wormwood). When done with the sprinkle, the herb
may be burned with the incense (NOT wormwood!), dropped into a candle flame (as
seen in the consecration ritual), or the herb may be placed in the box where the
cotton-wrapped cloth cards are kept when not in use. The color of the cloth may vary by
one’s focus, but plack, yellow, and purple are common choices. See the color list (in
book 1, pg 63-64, or class 3 notes) for options and meanings

Tarot Cards Meaning
Major Arcana

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