Native American images and Magick


Native American cultures spawn images that are often incorporated into rituals,
but the author, Ann, does not feel this is a good thing to do if you are not part of that
culture to begin with. Each of the Native American peoples have a unique culture that
those outside it seem to fantasize about, and incorporating those motifs without that
cultural connection feels shallow to the author.
Many of the Native American items used in ritual have Celtic counterparts, like
the large, shallow, moon-like drums (North African drums are similar too). Feathers
have been used in a variety of cultures, too. So while you may use these items as you
will, know the effectiveness of their use all depends upon the practitioner. And
remember, it’s not in the province of any one person to dictate to another what can and
cannot be used. As always, follow your heart/intuition/guides.

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