Meditation is a focusing of the mind and creating within it a relaxed state of awareness. When you
learn to properly meditate, you actually alter how your brain functions—lowering the brainwave
frequency into what has been termed “alpha” brainwave level. It is this relaxed level of consciousness
that is needed when working magic. During a proper meditation designed to create a magical mental
state, a person is able to shift consciousness at will and use the “alpha” level to harness, program, and
project magical energy in spellwork.
You needn’t worry that the alpha level is unnatural or permanent. We all enter this state whenever
we feel sleepy or our attention remains relaxed for at least three minutes. It is very common to slip
into alpha level while watching television, for example. As soon as you shift focus, your brain returns
to the “beta” level, the higher rate of waking consciousness. It would be pretty hard to cast a spell
while watching television, not to mention while sleeping. This is why meditation is so necessary. We
can use this process to shift our mind into a magical state and still keep our focused awareness. This
is vital to our successful use of spellcraft.
Now that you know the reason behind the use of meditation in spellwork, the question then
becomes, “How should I actually meditate for magic?” First, you find the time to meditate. Now, I am
not saying that you need to find an hour a day to meditate or any other such nonsense, I’m merely
saying that you should meditate at least once a day, even if it’s only for five minutes or so. Meditating
frequently and for longer periods of time would condition the mind faster, but any amount of
conditioning is a step in the right direction. You needn’t feel inferior by anyone saying that you need
to meditate for X amount of time or in such-and-such a fashion in order to do it “correctly.” There is
no single way to properly meditate for magic. Many paths lead to the calm center.

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