Familiars..one of the biggest controversial topics next to the ouija board. A familiar is a living being or thing that aids with your magickal workings and guides you along your spiritual path. It was a superstition a very long time ago that black cats were the furry embodiment of a witch, which was capable with the powers of the devil and why Witches were to blame for a sprout or two of the plague and hundreds of felines killed (even though it was the rat infestation carrying the diseased insects on their skins that carried the illness). This dwindled down to associating cats as being a witch’s familiar. For some reason it stuck longer than the yellow bird (which would’ve been the way the devil spoke to a Witch. Feathergram, anyone?) and the dog, snake, frog, and others at were noted to be by a Witch’s side throughout history in various locations around the world. Today, many people have come out to claim that they have a familiar…that they purposely bought from a pet store or an animal that keeps returning to their front door. You’re feeding a hungry animal. Of course it’s going to keep coming back! The cat lays on my stuff all the time. Umm it’s a cat. Need I say more? Ordinary habits of an animal does not mean they’re your familiar. It means they’re acting like the animal they are. It’s not rocket science. The attachment between the Witch and their Familiar is not something you find during a shopping trip. It is something rare and severely special. Your attachment allows you to dislocate your aura and let them carry it while you “travel”. It lets you utilize their eyes, their figure, their energies. Wanting your household pet to be a Familiar is almost..cruel in some ways. Also, a Familiar isn’t even always an animal. It can be another person, an object, a plant, or a Spirit. The true nature of the Familiar has been lost and I do feel that it needs to be more recognized for what they really are, and not a title to use because you’re a Witch who needs that extended persona.

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