Youngest victim of the Salem Witches hysteria of 1692–93. Dorcas Good was the daughter of Sarah Good, one of the first persons to be accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. Only four years old, Dorcas was also accused of being a witch. In childlike fashion, she readily confessed[…]

Good, Dorcas (17th century)

Fairy Witch of Clonmel (1894) A young woman named Bridget Cleary, of Clonmel, County Tipperary, who was tortured and burned to death because her husband believed the fairies had spirited her away and substituted in her place a witch changeling. Changelings are sickly fairy infants that fairies leave in the[…]

Fairy Witch of Clonmel (1894)

The fourth person to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem Witches hysteria of 1692–93, who was tried and executed. Martha Corey was the wife of Giles Corey, who also was executed. The Coreys were well-to-do, pious residents of Salem Town. Martha’s age at the time of the trials is[…]

Corey, Martha (d. 1692)

Executed in the Salem Witches hysteria of 1692–93 by being pressed to death for not acknowledging the right of the court to try him on charges of witchcraft. Giles Corey was a well-to-do man of Salem Town, in his 80s when the hysteria started. He owned a farm of 100[…]

Corey, Giles (d. 1692)

  Accused repeatedly of witchcraft, who was staked like a vampire when she died. Eunice Cole of Hampton, New Hampshire, was in her 70s when she was found guilty of witchcraft in 1656. She was sentenced to a flogging and life imprisonment in jail in Boston. Her 82-year-old husband, William,[…]

Cole, Eunice (17th century)

Accused witch in Hartford,Connecticut, who was believed to be under demonic possession. The case was recorded in a letter written by Reverend John Whiting, which in turn was published by Increase Mather in An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences (1684). Ann Cole was described by Mather as a[…]

Cole, Ann (17th century)

French grand judge, lawyer and demonologist, known for his cruelty and torture. Boguet presided over witch trials in Saint-Claude, Burgundy, France. Boguet exhibited a preoccupation with lurid accounts of witches’ sabbats and copulations with the Devil. His interrogations focused on these aspects, and he was successful in coercing confessions from[…]

Boguet, Henri (1550–1619)

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