A curse that is the product of envy, revenge and anger. In earlier times, people commonly blamed their misfortune on the ill-wishing of others. If two people argued and then one suffered a mishap, became ill or had other problems, the other party was suspected of ill-wishing them. Remarks such[…]


1 whole egg 1/2 cup mineral oi l2 tsp. liquid dish soap 1/4 cup 100 proof vodka 2 Tbs. honey 1/2 cup whole milk Essential oil for fragrance     Directions: Put all ingredients in blender and process for 30 seconds.     Place in decorative squeeze bottle and label.[…]

Milk and Honey Bath

  This spell is intended to add extra protection to you personally, not your home like the two spells above. The exact amounts of the herbs are up to you. You need:     • Rosemary • Rue • Lavender • Basil (fresh if possible) • Mint • A handful[…]

Herbal Protection Bath

Hohman, John George (d. ca. 1845) The most famous braucher in the powwowing tradition of folk magic, spells, hexes and healing. John George Hohman (also spelled Homan) was a German immigrant to America and the author of the widely circulated magical text The Long Lost Friend. Little is known about[…]

Hohman, John George (d. ca. 1845)

Also called “voodoo death,” hex death is death from a hex or curse resulting from black magic or the breaking of a taboo. The critical factor in hex death is belief. If a person believes that a witch or sorcerer can make him die by cursing him or by pointing[…]

Hex Death

 A spell or bewitchment. The term comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch, who borrowed it from their native German word for “witch,” Hexe, which in turn is derived from Old High German hagazussa or hagzissa (“hag”). In common usage, hex means an evil spell or curse, but among the Pennsylvania Dutch,[…]


Contemporary witches and Wiccans view healing as one of their most important functions. They use a wide range of healing techniques, including magic; herbal and folk remedies; body work and energy work; Native American Indian and shamanic techniques (see shamanism); and Western approaches to medicine and psychology. Some Witches are[…]


Love spell that would make your love ones you desire fall in love with you or u want to repair your lost relationship or attract a lover,this is the kind of spell u need,this is a powerful love spell that u can cast on your lover or crush using Osun(Goddess[…]

Love spell

(1) The Purpose for the Spell , I’m sure if you need a Spell , one has already been written , But my personal insight on this , is it is always best to write your own , to tailor it to your own needs .Below is an example list[…]

Creation of a Spell

This spell is performed on the first Friday night of a full moon at 10pm, or any Friday of a waxing moon at 8am, 3pm, or 10pm. (Will work equally well with any day and at any hour- do as you feel is right for you!) Warning: ​This spell is[…]

Love Spell

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