Practically anywhere you look within the various indigenous religions of Europe, you will come across the World Tree, and in many religions of other lands too. Whether it is the World Ash, Yggdrasil, the Celtic Bilé Tree, the stang of the Anglo-Saxon Witch, or the Celestial Pole of various traditions,[…]

Root and Crown — The Bilé Tree Turned Upside Down

Best done at a waning or new moon – used to get rid of negative energies or spirits Tools needed: Athame, Broomstick, Candles, Cords, Gobi Dirt, Incense, Mirrors, Spells, Salt, Sistrum, Wand, Water, Xua, etc (this list is not exhaustive) Athame – Black handled blunt knife used for invoking positive[…]

Banishing Techniques

This is a quick reference guide for the Major Arcana, the main 22 cards of the Tarot FOOL – innocence, looking before leaping, foolishness MAGICIAN – knowledge, skill, magic HIGH PRIESTESS – mystery, priestess, occult EMPRESS – mother figure, feminine power, beauty EMPEROR – father figure, masculine power, leadership HIEROPHANT[…]

Quick Guide: Tarot (Major Arcana)

Anything from clouds, crystals, incense smoke, or tarot, oracle, or playing cards can be read for divining purposes. All you need is to feel attuned to interpret what you see. Images may appear to you unbidden with a voice within you, telling you the meaning of what you see. The[…]

Divination Tools

Tea leaf reading is an easy divination, as the energies of the individual and of the tea leaves are united in the process of holding the teacup and drinking the beverage. To read tea leaves, you must use loose leaf tea. Generally it’s 1 teaspoonful per cup, plus 1 “for[…]

Tea Leaves

There are a number of tarot decks out there in the world, now. (There are Oracle cards that are great for personal readings, and their meanings are all found within the books that come with those decks. Choose one that feels right to you, or speaks to you.) The traditional[…]

Tarot Cards

The Celtic Cross spread (Book 1, page 121) is a deep look into your life/situation/where you’re coming from/where you’re going. ● The Tree of Life spread uses either playing cards or tarot deck, using the final 3 cards as a final impression-(Book 1, pg 119) makes a tree shape in[…]

Tarot Cards Meaning

When reading other people, trust your intuition. The reader should be relaxed and open to communication. The reading will present cards that represent things at the present time, at the time of the reading. Any future cards are suggestive of a likely outcome, given the present situation, and the querent[…]

Reading Tarot Cards

● Ace- strength, power to achieve goals, action: (R) complexity needs caution ● King- authority, will and intellect, implementation of ideas decided; (R) tyranny, plans halted or methods undecided ● Queen- determination, action taken; (R) impracticality, spitefulness ● Prince (Knight)- heroic, career, action begun; (R) ideas unformed, conceit ● Princess[…]

Suit of Swords Tarot

● Ace- abundance, love, joy, inspiration; (R) emotional upset, delays ● King- intuition, counselor, creative desire; (R) obstacles, immobility ● Queen- nurturing, psychic, emotional ties; (R) emotional ambivalence ● Prince (Knight)- inspiration, opportunity; (R) fraud, unworkable ideas ● Princess (Knave)- emotional realization, artistic; (R) indiscretion, unfulfillment ● 10- contentment in[…]

 Cauldrons Tarot

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