Because fairies are connected to nature, their spells are usually performed outdoors. A small brook, a secret lily pond, the base of your favorite tree, or a field of wild flowers all make excellent settings for fairy magick. Even large, lush window boxes, overflowing with fragrant herbs and delicate[…]

Fairy Magick

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment It was believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans that Witches had the power to draw down the moon from the sky. This assumption is not without reason. Should a witch be seen invoking the Goddess beneath a full moon, she would naturally be[…]

Drawing Down the Moon

Magick is the most vital force in our lives. It gives us personal mastery over our destiny so we are no longer victims of fate. To study magick is to study life, and to understand the concept of controlled coincidence. Things do not happen randomly, but rather in conjunction or[…]

Introduction to Magick

Unlike raising the Cone of Power, this practice is less about raising energy, and more about creating a vortex. Also known as the Widdershins Walk, this is the way to descend to the Wasteland, where we can work directly with our most ancient Ancestors. Craftings involving treading the Mill are[…]

Treading The Mill

Incense Magick has formed a central part of religious and magical ceremonies for thousands of years in lands as far apart as India and North America. It has been used for purification purposes, to invoke angels and to bind or repel demons by medieval magicians. It is said to release[…]

Incense Magick

Whether you are carrying out spells, rituals or divination or are simply feeling anxious, vulnerable or under attack from inner or external forces, psychic protection can enclose you in light and keep out all that threatens your harmony. It is a very positive form of magick that for everyday use[…]

Crystals And Protective Magick

At its most basic definition, sigil magick is described as symbolic drawing. The word ‘sigil’ derives from the latin word ‘sigillum’ meaning seal. It is a drawing or symbol that has a special meaning behind it such as a mystical significance. In this article I will give a brief introduction[…]

Basic Sigil Magick

Meditation is a focusing of the mind and creating within it a relaxed state of awareness. When you learn to properly meditate, you actually alter how your brain functions—lowering the brainwave frequency into what has been termed “alpha” brainwave level. It is this relaxed level of consciousness that is needed[…]


On an altar let there be a phial of anointing oil, a chalice of water, a salver of salt, burning incense, three lighted candles, a rock or crystal, some flowers, a wand and or athame, a sistrum, bread and wine/fruit juice and a container of herbs. Participants may be in[…]

Moon Ceremony

The black mirror is used very much like a crystal ball. You can purchase, or make your own if you prefer! Black paint on the back of a piece of glass is all this takes. Use an old photo frame, paint the back of the glass and return to the[…]

Black Mirror Gazing

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