Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Use this spell to win the affections of the one you desire if he or she has not returned your feelings of love. In an earthenware pot, plant a fresh cutting of ivy (which represents constant and ever growing love). Braid two lengths of[…]

Ivy Love Spell

For a Wiccan, this is “cakes and ale” and is a sharing of food and drink that has a great deal of symbolism and meaning attached to it. For the Traditional Crafter, this goes deeper still. Known most often by its Cornish name of “Houzle”, the coming together of white[…]


In Northern Quarters the Gates are known by the Airts, or qualities of light. These can be named as Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but they are not the classical Elements as used by the Golden Dawn and most forms of Wicca. For that reason, while the above names are[…]

Seeking the Guardians of Lore. East

Closely related to the wheel of the Year is the Compass Round. This is another construct on which we can hang Myth and Lore, and the one can be overlaid over the other. But the Compass isn’t just a construct, it is also a concept, because when we refer to[…]

Seeking the Guardians of Lore

This spell is performed on the first Friday night of a full moon at 10pm, or any Friday of a waxing moon at 8am, 3pm, or 10pm. (Will work equally well with any day and at any hour- do as you feel is right for you!) Warning: ​This spell is[…]

Love Spell

The cycle from new moon to new moon lasts 29.5 days but because the Moon has an irregular orbit, the time of its rising and setting will vary each day. For this reason, phases can vary in length by a day or so each month. The best way to understand[…]

Tuning Magically Into The Lunar Phases

Time: Three days beginning from sunset around 20 June (20 December in the southern hemisphere) Focus: Full potency, illumination, mysteries revealed; healing, the height of joy, fulfilment, the need to seize the moment. The summer solstice has been celebrated in cultures as far apart as Russia and North America, where[…]

Litha, The Summer Solstice

Please Scroll Down for the Audio Compliment Lughnassadh The Festival Of The Corn Harvest Time: Sunset 31 July-sunset 2 August (31 January-2 February in the southern hemisphere) Focus: Willing sacrifice for the greater good, natural justice and karma, trusting the cosmos to provide by giving without seeking immediate return; also[…]


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