Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment It was believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans that Witches had the power to draw down the moon from the sky. This assumption is not without reason. Should a witch be seen invoking the Goddess beneath a full moon, she would naturally be[…]

Drawing Down the Moon

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment This spell is designed to create prosperity. It works best if you have a job and are looking for a pay raise or bonus. Items needed: One large green pillar candle, dragon’s blood incense, incense burner and charcoal, dragon prosperity oil, a green silk[…]

Dragon Prosperity Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The dragon is a fantastic beast that appears in almost every mythological tradition throughout the world. Often depicted as a mix of several different creatures, it represents the four elements of life: air, fire, water, and earth. The dragon has the wings of a[…]

The dragon

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Many Traditional Crafters have an interesting relationship with dragons. Some see them as archetypes, some as being similar to the Gods, and some see them as living mythical beasts, in a very literal way. It is certainly true that myths and legends involving dragons[…]

Riding the Dragon

We have all had those dreams which we can vaguely remember and strive to figure out what they mean. So what are dreams? Dreams are the language of the subconscious, encoded in symbols, which is trying to tell you something as you sleep. I hope that this brief guide will[…]


Anything from clouds, crystals, incense smoke, or tarot, oracle, or playing cards can be read for divining purposes. All you need is to feel attuned to interpret what you see. Images may appear to you unbidden with a voice within you, telling you the meaning of what you see. The[…]

Divination Tools

Acorn- youth, strength, man, small start for large accomplishment ● Airplane- travel, new projects ● Anchor- voyage, rest, problem solved, security ● Arrow- news, disagreements, direct action ● Basket- gift, security, comfort ● Baby- new interests, security, new beginnings ● Bees (hive, comb)- fertility, industry, community, self-sacrifice ● Bell- celebrations,[…]

Symbolism for Divination

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