Magus kneels, fills Cup, offers to Witch [she is seated on the altar, holding her athame; Priest kneels before her, holding up the cup]. Witch, holding Athame between palms, places point in cup. Magus: “As the Athame is the Male, so the Cup is the female; so, conjoined, they bring[…]

Cakes and Wine (1949)GGBOS

It is most convenient to mark the circle with chalk, paint or otherwise, to show where it is; but marks on the carpet may be utilized. Furniture may be placed to indicate the bounds. The only circle that matters is the one drawn before every ceremony with either a duly[…]

Casting the Circle (1949)

  For Beginners The entire universe is made of energy, and your body is no exception. Long before modern technology and science, ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force with them. They called the centers of energy that move inside of us, the 7 chakras. So[…]

The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras

Chakras, by definition, are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its[…]


Celtic Wicca is a modern tradition of Wicca that incorporates some elements of Celtic mythology. It employs the same basic theology, rituals and beliefs as most other forms of Wicca. Celtic Wiccans use the names of Celtic deities, mythological figures, and seasonal festivals within a Wiccan ritual structure and belief[…]

Celtic Wicca

In the mundane world, when people use the word crone, they usually envision a shriveled old woman, bent and wrinkled. It is not a compliment. If you’re a woman and you overhear your blind date referring to you on his cell phone as an old crone, feel free to hit[…]

The Crone

Gather around let me tell you about this amazing old folk magical art that has pretty much been utilized by cultures around the world. for those of you that are a little crafty this could be something for you to work with. It does not matter if you are not[…]

Cord magick

Cascarilla is powdered egg shell. The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder. Any Botanica or store that caters to New Age and Magick ritual will have Cascarilla. You will most normally see it packed into what I call a “ketchup cup.” When removed[…]

Cascarilla Powder

Items you will need: 9 Bay Leaves 1 Gold Candle Red Thread A Muslin bag or any natural fabric made into a little sack   At the top of the bag sew 3 little X’s with the Red thread. This Blessing should be done on the night of a Waning[…]

Blessing Charm for an Infant

Items needed: 3’ length of red silk cord, Love-drawing oil. Love-drawing incense One red candle that will burn for at least seven hours.   Begin this spell on a Monday during the waxing moon. Place the red candle in the centre of your altar and light the incense. Use a[…]

Candle of Love Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Charm of The Yellow Rose Dab a small amount of your favourite perfume or cologne on a tissue. Take a long-stem yellow rose, and with great feeling and emotion, charm it with the following verse: The stars above, in darkness shine, With light that[…]

Charm Magick

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The word charm comes from the French charme, meaning chant or song. In magick, to charm is to physically act upon an object or an individual, compelling it to change its course of action. This is usually accomplished through special rhythmic chants, songs, or[…]


Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment A good spell to ward off the evil intentions of another, block a psychic attack, or turn your luck around. Items needed: One black cat candle, black cat oil (composed of patchouli and frankincense), and a mirror. On the night of the waxing moon,[…]

Black Cat Protection Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment This spell is ideal to get someone to pay attention to you, draw someone you already know closer to you, or make your lover a better lover. Items needed: A picture of the desired one and some of his or her hair and handwriting[…]

Love-Drawing Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Use this spell to bind the love of another to you, or to reinforce the qualities of love within an already existing relationship. Items needed: One red candle, one astrologically coloured candle to represent yourself (see chart), and one astrologically coloured candle to represent the[…]

Candle Love-Binding Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Whenever possible make your own candles. While the wax is in a liquid form, add a corresponding oil, herbs, or flower petals. For example, if you are doing a money spell you could add Heliotrope oil and mint leaves. When dressing the candle, close[…]

Suggestions for Candle Magick

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Red Courage, strength, survival, One hour power, lust, immediate action. Pink Love, friendship, open the heart, One hour, calm the emotions. Orange Action, attraction, selling, bring Two hours, about desired results. Yellow Communication, selling oneself, Three hours persuasion, attraction. Green Love, fertility, money, luck,[…]

Candle Colour Guide

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The first step in candle magick is to choose a candle whose colour and shape represent your desire. Next, you will have to dress, or energize, the candle. This is done by anointing the entire candle with an appropriate oil. The oil is usually[…]

Working with Candles

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The history of candle burning is as old as humanity itself. It originates from fire worship. Early man was in awe of fire—it warmed him, protected him, and helped him cook his food. The flame of the hearth was guarded carefully, shielded against the[…]


Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment One of the parts of strolling the Crooked Path that is once in a while tended to in books is the feeling of being an untouchable. What we’re discussing is this feeling of being separated, of being distant from everyone else notwithstanding when you’re[…]

The Crooked Path of the Outcast

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment If there is one spell that we like to use above all others in Briar Rose, it is this one. It is an old crafting that was used throughout Britain, though it is best documented in the Silver Bough, a wonderful collection of folklore[…]

Casting a Coin in the Well

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment There are plenty of spells from various witchcraft traditions that use coins, especially silver coins. Even in Hoodoo and Conjure – which are uniquely American traditions borne of the union of European and African folk magic, with a healthy dose of Native American lore[…]

A Crooked Sixpence

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Raising the Cone of Power is a technique that can be found in the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, Katherine Kurtz’s Lammas Night, and most forms of Traditional Witchcraft. The details may vary, but the overall effect is the same. This is the technique that[…]

Raising the Cone of Power

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment For many practitioners of Traditional Witchcraft, the act of preparing the Sacred Space for ritual is known as Laying the Compass. Superficially, it resembles the Wiccan practice of casting circle, but it is done in quite a different way, and for quite different reasons.[…]

Laying the Compass

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Ced and Celi According to Owen Morgan, the author of Light of Britannia, Ced is the primal Black Mother who exists before manifestation. She/Her womb is the Great Enclosure. Her consort is Celi, the Unmanifest Sun, All Father to her All Mother. The Gods[…]

The Cycle of Ced and Celi 1.2

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The Quarters and Cross-Quarters can be seen as two sets of overlapping quarters. This has several advantages over the more typical eight-spoked wheel, because it gives a strong sense of the overlap in roles of the various deities, as well as making use of[…]

The Cycle of Ced and Celi

One of the significant differences between Wicca and traditional Witchcraft is the use of Cross Quarters. Four more gates, which lead to realms that hold initiatory Lore and experiences. Some Traditions have these gates guarded by deities, some by magickal creatures, such as dragons, or the traditional mythical beasties such[…]


Whether you are carrying out spells, rituals or divination or are simply feeling anxious, vulnerable or under attack from inner or external forces, psychic protection can enclose you in light and keep out all that threatens your harmony. It is a very positive form of magick that for everyday use[…]

Crystals And Protective Magick

Protective Crystals have innate  qualities as well as healing and empowering properties and so can offer instant harmony and energy even in the most draining situations. Certain crystals have, over the millennia, from Ancient Babylon, Egypt and the Orient, acquired the reputation of possessing strong protective qualities and are also[…]

Collecting Protective Crystals

Cleansing crystals should always be carried out after after use in protection, healing and empowerment. When you obtain a new crystal, cleanse it before charging it with your own personal energies. In this way you can remove all the energies, not necessarily negative, of those who have prepared, packed and[…]

Cleansing Crystals And Gemstones

All crystals contain power as well as protective qualities and charging crystals is itself empowering. However, if you are being subjected to stress or harassment of any kind, you might like to charge your crystal, so that when you touch or look at it, you will be enclosed in its[…]

Charging Your Crystals With Positive Power

This crystal ritual is particularly effective for anyone feeling anxious about travelling or moving house. You will need a map of the journey involved. You may like to work by candlelight, in which case light a yellow candle for a journey of a short distance or duration and a blue[…]

A Protective Crystal Ritual

AVENTURINE A very sweet green variety of quartz, usually available in touchstone form from most New Age outlets.  This is a handy one to have.  Good for emotional and etheric bodies, it has a calming influence.  The chakra it relates to is the heart. AGATE A variety of chalcedony, this[…]

Healing Crystals and Gemstones

From the Goddess  We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Flowing to the ocean Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna Goddess is alive, magic is afoot Calling the Powers  All ye powers powers all Answer unto this my call[…]

Sacred Chants

Genuine crystal balls are very expensive, and the best source for them is Germany, where they’ve mined and polished clear crystal for centuries. Less costly options include polished stones or balls made of lead crystal. The lead crystal options often have bubbles in them, and can be found in various[…]

Crystal Ball Scrying

There are a number of tarot decks out there in the world, now. (There are Oracle cards that are great for personal readings, and their meanings are all found within the books that come with those decks. Choose one that feels right to you, or speaks to you.) The traditional[…]

Tarot Cards

The Celtic Cross spread (Book 1, page 121) is a deep look into your life/situation/where you’re coming from/where you’re going. ● The Tree of Life spread uses either playing cards or tarot deck, using the final 3 cards as a final impression-(Book 1, pg 119) makes a tree shape in[…]

Tarot Cards Meaning

● Ace- abundance, love, joy, inspiration; (R) emotional upset, delays ● King- intuition, counselor, creative desire; (R) obstacles, immobility ● Queen- nurturing, psychic, emotional ties; (R) emotional ambivalence ● Prince (Knight)- inspiration, opportunity; (R) fraud, unworkable ideas ● Princess (Knave)- emotional realization, artistic; (R) indiscretion, unfulfillment ● 10- contentment in[…]

 Cauldrons Tarot

The cauldron is the one ritual tool that is positively charged by being the centre of domestic life and can replace the altar as a focus for less formal magick spells. If you can obtain a flameproof cauldron with a tripod, you can, on special occasions such as Hallowe’en, light[…]

The Cauldron

The chalice, or ritual cup, used for rituals is traditionally made of silver, but you can also use crystal, glass, stainless steel or pewter. The chalice represents the Water element and is placed in the West of the altar. Like the sword, it is a sacred Grail treasure and is[…]

The Chalice

Once you have prepared your elemental substances, you can charge your tools ready for use. If they have been bought, whether new or second-hand, you might also like to cleanse them first. You can also cleanse them after a formal ritual or when their energies seem depleted. If the ritual[…]

Charging And Cleansing Your Tools

Every magical circle is divided into four quarters that are in ceremonial magick called the Watchtowers. The higher essences who protect the quarters are invoked as the Guardians, who control and direct the elemental powers. Sometimes they are called Kings, sometimes Devas, or they may be pictured as the four[…]

The Four Quarters Of The Circle