At its most basic definition, sigil magick is described as symbolic drawing. The word ‘sigil’ derives from the latin word ‘sigillum’ meaning seal. It is a drawing or symbol that has a special meaning behind it such as a mystical significance. In this article I will give a brief introduction[…]

Basic Sigil Magick

This is a spell to banish any unwanted influences in your home. It consists of an elemental banishing ritual, followed by a cleansing and purification of your home. This spell is an ideal way to prepare a new living space before you move in. It will take away any remnants[…]

A Banishing Spell for A Home

Best done at a waning or new moon – used to get rid of negative energies or spirits Tools needed: Athame, Broomstick, Candles, Cords, Gobi Dirt, Incense, Mirrors, Spells, Salt, Sistrum, Wand, Water, Xua, etc (this list is not exhaustive) Athame – Black handled blunt knife used for invoking positive[…]

Banishing Techniques

Genuine crystal balls are very expensive, and the best source for them is Germany, where they’ve mined and polished clear crystal for centuries. Less costly options include polished stones or balls made of lead crystal. The lead crystal options often have bubbles in them, and can be found in various[…]

Crystal Ball Scrying

The black mirror is used very much like a crystal ball. You can purchase, or make your own if you prefer! Black paint on the back of a piece of glass is all this takes. Use an old photo frame, paint the back of the glass and return to the[…]

Black Mirror Gazing

The bell stands in the North of the circle and is an Earth symbol. It is an optional tool and can be made from either crystal or protective brass. Best for magick is the kind that you strike. The bell is traditionally rung nine times at the beginning and close[…]

The Bell

The broom, or besom, was originally – and still is – a domestic artefact. It represents magically the union of male and female in the handle and the bristles and so is a tool of balance. Brooms have several uses in magick. A broom is sometimes rested horizontal to the[…]

The Broom

  This Celtic festival of summer is also called Bel-fire, the festival of Belenus, Celtic god of light. Time: Sunset 30 April-sunset 2 May (31 October-2 November in the southern hemisphere) Focus: The fertility of the Earth, creatures, crops, people and animals; the instinctive energies that can be manifest as[…]

Beltane, The Festival Of Fire

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