A harvest festival with a difference, the Hero makes the ultimate sacrifice, and offers Himself up to Fate, hanging on the Tree, just as Llew — in the form of an eagle — took refuge in a tree after being speared by Geronwy, the lover of Blodwedd. In our rite,[…]


For the Sacred King, the Midsummer rite is a time of sacrifice, as He is literally “made sacred” in order to become Priest to His people. The fulfilment of desire behind Him, He lays down His personal desires for the good of the tribe, and makes His future decisions based[…]


This is the festival where we work the Mystery of the Sacred Marriage, the Hieros Gamos. Our hero, having attained manhood, now fulfils his desire by uniting with the Maid. In the process, He transforms Her into the Mother, ensuring the continuation of the Cycle. In many ways, it is[…]

Beltaine, or May Eve

In the story of Llew, his mother, Arianrhod, lays a geas upon Him that He will not receive a name or arms from anyone but her, and it is through the trickery of Gwydion that He attains his rite of passage into manhood. At Spring Equinox, we work the Mystery[…]

Spring Equinox

Most accounts of the Wheel of the Year start with Imbolc or with Yule, and this one is no exception, but it is not an easy place to start. You really have to understand that our Wheel considers the period between Samhain and Imbolc to be the Dark Time, when[…]

Imbolc or Candlemas

Everything hangs on the Wheel. Well, as in most things esoteric, there is more to that statement than meets the eye, but it is true that in this path, the Wheel of the Year creates a powerful framework on which to hang Lore, practice and ritual in a way that[…]

Notable Points on the Path of the King

Start by using any relaxation technique you like, and sit with your eyes closed. Make sure your arms and legs are not crossed, and take three deep breaths. With each breath, feel the stress and tension of the day fading away, being replaced with a calm expectation. Continue to breathe[…]

Encountering the Lord and Lady

Here we come to a more familiar place for those who started out in Wicca. The Lord and Lady here can be embodied by the Gods and Goddesses of Nature, or by the Faery Court. It is the Lord who is manifest in the Wheel of the Year as Sacred[…]

The Lord and Lady

It is said that the Dark Mother exists outside the Wheel of Manifestation. In the Great Stone Circle of existence, she is the heelstone that stands beyond, to the North East. She is the fixed point to which we apply the lever of our will in order to move the[…]

The Black Goddess, or Dark Mother

Often referred to as the Queen of Fate, she is frequently mistaken for the Great Mother of nature-based religions, but she is not a nature or fertility Goddess, but rather the Mistress of the Mysteries. Cold and aloof, she nevertheless brings us what we need on the Path, and is[…]

Le Grand Belle Dame Sans Merci, or The White Lady

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