An attempt in 1985 by two members of Congress, Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina and Representative Robert Walker of Pennsylvania, to outlaw religious tax exempt status for Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan churches and organizations. Both measures failed. The effort was begun by Helms, who queried Secretary of the Treasury[…]

Helms Amendment

 Gypsies Nomadic, dark-skinned people who probably emerged out of northern India around the 10th century and spread throughout Europe, the British Isles and eventually America. Gypsy tradition has little in the way of its own religious beliefs but is steeped in magic and superstition. From their earliest known appearance in[…]


  In many ways, the uncontrolled mind resembles a five year old child wanting to run amok through the city streets, only able to sit still for a few seconds before getting the urge to jump up again. If you allow your brain to continuously run a mile a minute[…]

Five Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

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