Ten Types Of Empaths While being an Empath can have its many positives and benefits, it can also weigh us down heavily with confusion, disorientation and anxiety. That is why it’s important to put a name to what we individually experience to better understand ourselves, and identify others who[…]

Ten Types Of Empaths

Contemporary witches and Wiccans view healing as one of their most important functions. They use a wide range of healing techniques, including magic; herbal and folk remedies; body work and energy work; Native American Indian and shamanic techniques (see shamanism); and Western approaches to medicine and psychology. Some Witches are[…]


An old, ugly woman believed to be a witch or sorceress; also, a supernatural, demonic being whose powers enable her to live an incredibly long time. The origin of the term “hag” is found in the ancient Goddess beliefs and myths of the Egyptians, Greeks, Celts and pagan Europeans. The[…]


In folklore, low-ranking demons in constant attention to witches for the purpose of carrying out spells and bewitchments. Familiars usually assumed animal forms—cats, toads, owls, mice and dogs were the most common—though virtually any animal or insect could be suspected. In witchcraft trials, if so much as a fly buzzed[…]


Spirits that personify the four elements— earth, air, fire and water. The term elementals also is applied to nature spirits, which exist in all things in nature and look after animals, insects, birds, rocks and plants. Elementals are summoned to assist in magic related to nature. Earth elementals are known[…]


(1) The Purpose for the Spell , I’m sure if you need a Spell , one has already been written , But my personal insight on this , is it is always best to write your own , to tailor it to your own needs .Below is an example list[…]

Creation of a Spell

The wand is a symbol of Fire and should be placed in the South of the altar. The wand is sometimes represented by a spear. Both the wand and spear, like the athame and sword, are male symbols. The spear, another Fire symbol, is not used in magick, except occasionally[…]

The Wand

Although you can carry out rituals using absolutely anything, you may like to create a special set of symbols for a variety of rituals. These you can keep in a separate box within your main store of magick artefacts so they do not get scattered or broken. You may include[…]

Symbols Of Magick

Salt rituals are among the oldest forms of magick and salt can form the focus of magick for health and prosperity ceremonies as well as for psychic protection. The kind used is most usually sea salt and represents the Earth element. It should be kept covered and separate from domestic[…]

Witches Salt

Once you have prepared your elemental substances, you can charge your tools ready for use. If they have been bought, whether new or second-hand, you might also like to cleanse them first. You can also cleanse them after a formal ritual or when their energies seem depleted. If the ritual[…]

Charging And Cleansing Your Tools

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