An exalted caste of Celtic priests. Little is known about the Druids. Reconstructions of their tradition form a central part of Paganism. The Celts were a tribal people who spread throughout Gaul, Britain, Ireland, Europe, Asia Minor and the Balkans by the fifth century b.c.e. In the first century c.e.,[…]


The formal organization and working unit of witches and Wiccans. The origin of the word coven is not clear. Most likely, it derives from the verb convene, which includes in its variant convent, which once referred both to a religious meeting and the place of a religious meeting. Chaucer used[…]


 Influential Witch mystery tradition founded by Robert Cochrane in England in the 1950s. The Clan of Tubal Cain, named after the legendary Hebrew blacksmith, Tubal Cain, was never intended by Cochrane to become a religion. Its concepts were passed to America in the 1734 Tradition and also were absorbed into[…]

Clan of Tubal Cain

Church of All Worlds One of the first and most influential contemporary Pagan churches. The key founder was Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (formerly Tim Zell, Otter G’Zell, Otter Zell and Oberon Zell), president, and his wife, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart. The headquarters are in Cotati, California. The Church of All Worlds (CAW) espouses[…]

Church of All Worlds

Religious and educational institutions founded by Gavin and Yvonne Frost, located in Hinton, West Virginia. The Church of Wicca, founded in 1968, is the oldest recognized church of Witchcraft in the United States, achieving federal recognition in 1972. Its teaching arm is the School of Wicca, which offers correspondence courses.[…]

Church and School of Wicca

Children of Artemis (CoA) Educational and networking organization for the promotion of Wicca based in the United Kingdom. Children of Artemis organizes the world’s largest witch festival, Witchfest, held annually in London, Cardiff, Wales, and Glasgow, Scotland. The CoA was formed in the early 1990s as a ritual group. In[…]

Children of Artemis

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