Jack-o’-Lantern A phosphorescent light seen in marsh and swamp areas, which in folklore is either the manifestation of a malicious lost soul or a death omen. Jacko’-lantern is known by various names, including will-o’-the-wisp and corpse light (England); fairy light and fox fire (Ireland). According to most legends, the jack-o’-lantern[…]


Round magical signs and symbols used by the Pennsylvania Dutch, primarily to protect against witchcraft but also to effect spells. Hex signs are both amuletic and talismanic (see amulets; talismans). Traditionally, hex signs are painted on barns, stables and houses to protect against lightning, ensure fertility and protect animal and[…]

Hex Signs

In folklore, a witch’s familiar or a witch metamorphosed in disguise (see metamorphosis). It is still bad luck in the British Isles for one’s path to be crossed by a hare. Witches were said to be able to change themselves into hares and other animals with magical charms such as[…]


 A natural mushroom fungus that grows in dark rings on grass and turf. In folklore it is said to be the site where fairies and witches meet at night to dance and sing. The mushroom is inedible—and animals tend to shun it—and has a reddish, buff or tawny cap. It[…]

Fairy Ring

 The causing of illness, misfortune, calamity and death by the looks of strangers and by envious looks. amulets and incantations (see charms) ward the danger off. The evil eye exists around the world, dating to ancient times. The oldest recorded references to it appear in the cuneiform texts of the[…]

Evil Eye

One of the oldest amulets in the world, predating Christianity by many centuries. In the commonest form of a cross, all four arms are of equal length rather than in a T-shape. Crosses have been associated with sun deities and the heavens, and in ancient times they may have represented[…]


Although you can carry out rituals using absolutely anything, you may like to create a special set of symbols for a variety of rituals. These you can keep in a separate box within your main store of magick artefacts so they do not get scattered or broken. You may include[…]

Symbols Of Magick

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