Familiars..one of the biggest controversial topics next to the ouija board. A familiar is a living being or thing that aids with your magickal workings and guides you along your spiritual path. It was a superstition a very long time ago that black cats were the furry embodiment of[…]


Metamorphosis The ability of witches, sorcerers  and other magically empowered persons to transform themselves and other humans at will into animals, birds and insects. In witchcraft trials, people testified that the accused witches had appeared before them or tormented them in some nonhuman shape. For example, in 1663 Jane Milburne[…]


In folklore, low-ranking demons in constant attention to witches for the purpose of carrying out spells and bewitchments. Familiars usually assumed animal forms—cats, toads, owls, mice and dogs were the most common—though virtually any animal or insect could be suspected. In witchcraft trials, if so much as a fly buzzed[…]


Symbols of light and goodness, cocks have been favored birds of sacrifice to the gods. The cock is sacred and is associated with sun deities; it has the power to banish evil. The cock is a bird of omen, both of luck (in Wales) and death and evil (in Hungary).[…]


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